NYFW SS17 Show Schedule

Show season is almost upon us Voyeurs with only 19 days until NYFW begins and SS17 brings with it some changes, and a whole lot of excitement.  Having separated from Mercedes Benz entirely, NYFW has a lot more freedom in terms of scheduling and ultimately, streaming.  SS17 sees a big shift in delivery and NYFW will open more shows than ever before to the public, something they’ve not really done in a big way, and also there’ll be more live and post show streaming than we’ve typically seen in the past.  So Voyeurs, get ready to get involved….

Here’s your NYFW SS17 show schedule for September 2016, obviously as always, this is subject to change.  You’ll notice that Tom Ford is making an epic return to show season in New York and on opening day no less, one addition since the show schedule was published is Yeezy Season 4 which will also show on opening day.

So, armed with your NYFW SS17 show schedule and the Fashion Voyeur guide to pronunciation, I’d say you’re set for the first quarter of Fashion Month, be sure to check back for show updates, pictures and of course LFW SS17 as your next installment.

See you on the Frow!

Pixie x


A Lesson in Fashion Pronunciation

With New York Fashion Week and the unveiling of next season’s collections a mere three weeks away, I’ve compiled a handy guide to get you though those Fashion Week chats, namely, how to pronounce those tricky designers names.

We’ve all got that one friend who gushes about “Moschino” pronouncing it “Machine-o” and we all turn a blind eye whilst secretly shuddering inside.  Well no more!  Here’s Fashion Voyeur’s guide to nailing Fashion Week chat:

1. Moschino Let’s just dive in and get this one over and done with.  it’s ‘Mos-key-no’ end of.  Move on.

2. Hermes Often pronounced as ‘Her-mez’ Stop it.  It’s ‘Er-mez’ knowing this will score you points at Fashion Week.

3. Givenchy Given that you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have an interest in fashion and therefore know that the G here is not pronounced, if you don’t already know this then shame on you.  Usually pronounced ‘Ji-von-sheee’ Nope.  it’s ‘zji-von-shey’ often followed with ‘bitches’ in fashion circles.

4. Ralph Lauren Should come with a slap warning.  If you’re in the ‘Ralph Lau-REN’camp of pronunciation then unfortunately you’re just not fashion darling. ‘Ralph Lauren’ like it’s spelled, like the girls name. yes Lauren.  Ralph Lauren.  Simple.  like the people in the latter camp.

5. Rodarte why is this so hard? It’s ‘Ro-dar-tay’ easy.

6. Balmain Total. Minefield.  It’s not ‘Bal-main’ or ‘Bal-mine’ or even ‘Bal-man’  it’s resolutely ‘Bahl-mahhn’ and it seems even H&M employees weren’t educated on this, cue eye-roll emoji.

7. Lanvin I kind of get it with this one but let’s iron this out once and for all.  Stop saying ‘Lan-vin’ it’s longer than that ‘Laan-vahn’ then pause for effect and admiration.

8. Loewe One of my bugbears is hearing supposed Fash Folk refer to Loewe as ‘Lo-wey’  Desist immediately.  It’s ‘Lo-wave-ey’ and it’s an essential in the Fashionista’s bible, do not expect praise for getting this right.

9. Sonia Rykiel Totally underrated designer but that’s not why we’re here, often mispronounced as either ‘Sonia Ry-keel’ or ‘Sonia Ry-kel’  Correct pronunciation is ‘Sonia Ry-key-el’ if you learn one thing today, let this be it, it’s somebody’s name goddamn it.

10. Saint Laurent If you’re not au fait with this one then shame on you, its Francais and pronounced ‘San Lau-ront’

11. Balenciaga I’m only including this because of horrific pronunciation overheard by staff in Cruise recently, it’s ‘Bal-en-see-agar’ you know, as it looks.

12. Christian Louboutin If you’re pronouncing this ‘Le-BOOT-in’ then leave this page immediately, we can no longer be friends and there is literally no hope for you.  It’s ‘LOU-buh-ton’ say it, learn it, remember it.

13. Proenza Schouler Hip brand, hipper name, if pronounced correctly. ‘Pro-enza Skool-a’ there’s no ‘sh’ in there, don’t be one of THOSE people.

14. Marchesa Absolutely not ‘March -essa’ or even ‘Mar-kessa’ why would it be?? it’s ‘Mar-kay-za’

15. Hervé Léger I won’t even go into the various mispronunciations of this, people be cray with some of their interpretations of what these two short words say.  If you own a signature Léger bandage dress and have been pronouncing this incorrectly, then promptly but it, you are not fit to wear it.  The correct pronunciation is ‘Air-vay Lay-jah’

And so concludes our lesson today, if you’ve learned something please share this article and your new found knowledge!

See you on the Frow….

Pixie x


Laneway & Co Newcastle

If you’re either from, or living in Newcastle, you’ll know it’s a city with an ever changing landscape.  Whether it’s new and top drawer student accommodation or amazing new stores on the high street, Newcastle is a city thats pace is lightening quick.

A short walk from the bustling shopping centre is High Bridge; an authentic cobbled street which once bustled with independent fashion and record stores and one of my favourites in the 90’s.  In recent times, High Bridge has seen many of these cool, urban type stores go out of business or move on, however today, the split street seems to be going through something of a revival.

One of the last remaining High Bridges originals, Henry’s Barbers, stands solid on the middle of the street, refusing to be threatened by recession or new businesses, in fact it’s barely changed since conception and has become one of those places that every Geordie knows of.  The recent addition of Motel One on High Bridge has seen an influx of new customers hit the street and with that comes new business.

Enter Laneway & Co.  We all know the power of a great coffee and we all know how elusive that can be.  Torn between forgoing an early morning cup of coffee to support local business which opens at 9am, or pouring cash into a national chain to get your fix?  Well Laneway & Co wants to change that.

High bridge is a short street that links the Bigg Market to Grey Street and there’s a lot of footfall during both rush hours as busy business people travel to and from work.  What does that mean?  It’s a location crying out for an aces independent coffee shop and now, that’s exactly what it has.  With it’s fresh, white and inviting interior, Laneway basks in it’s simplicity and lets the coffee do the talking.

A simple premise;  just two fun loving guys who spent some time in Australia appreciating the coffee shop boom and mentality and spinning it into something that could work in the UK.  These guys are smart.  Not just book smart, but savvy.  The shop is pet friendly and child friendly.  I note the absence of garish prints on the wall that other big chains have and mentally note that this is a completely safe place to bring my autistic son, not overstimulating at all.

The guys here are chilled and damn do they know their stuff.  They regale me with stories of how coffee should be given time to ‘de-gas’ in order to taste the flavours properly and how their machinery is cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day to ‘protect the integrity and taste of the coffee.’  It’s safe to say they’re passionate about what they do.

The big things to note here are that Laneway serve up a pretty damn awesome cup of coffee and that they’re open from 7.30am.  Yes, 7.30am, Hallelujah.  Once you’ve navigated the menu and chosen your blend, you’ll find that the coffee served here is akin to what you might buy in Spain or Italy and man, am I a fan.  With Mama Tenenbaum living in Menorca, I’ve gotten used to drinking awesome coffee when I go to visit and so coffee served in the UK never seems to cut it.  Laneway challenges that and comes pretty damn close so for that reason, it gets a massive thumbs up from me Voyeurs.

If you’re in or visiting Newcastle and need a fix, or just fancy a little time out from the hustle and bustle of the city without venturing too far, head to Laneway Coffee Co and I challenge you not to be impressed….

Pixie x

Laneway Coffee Co is at 17-19 High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1EW


The 2016 London White Party


If you’re a Beauty Blogger, or you work in the beauty or Aesthetics industry, you’ll probably have heard of the Safety in Beauty campaign; launched in October 2013, the campaign seeks to facilitate and promote safe practice across the entire industry.  Masterminded by Beauty Blogger Antonia Mariconda, the campaign offers members of the public free medical and legal advice regarding procedures in the aesthetics and beauty arena.  Sounds good right?  Double right.  The campaign has amassed such success that Aesthetics Practitioners all over the UK have jumped on board pushing for safer medical practice and as such, the Safety in Beauty Awards were born, to celebrate the industry’s ‘Diamonds’.


2015 saw the first Safety in beauty Diamond Awards and White Party in London, where excellent practice and education was recognised and rewarded.  So successful was the event, that 2016 marks it’s second entry in the aesthetics calendar and I was invited as a guest of Newcastle Skin Clinic to bring you all the deets.  First of all, why white….?


Ok, now we have that established on to the venue: The Grand Connaught Rooms, Covent Garden.  Dressed to the theme with a (very lumpy and bumpy) white carpet running throughout.  Before you say “accident waiting to happen” yes, I tripped over it. Twice, and I wasn’t the only one.

The White Party is a big thing, but what it stands for and sets out to achieve is much bigger.  Everywhere you look, you’re reminded that the event is about Safety In beauty and that’s what comes first – before the party, the glamour and the cocktails, we’re here first and foremost to promote and recognise correctness, safety and medical excellence in the industry.

I should first explain, there are three of us in our party and we make a pretty fine bunch. You know me already Voyeurs, there’s Luisa Scott, Aesthetic Nurse at Newcastle Skin Clinic and Mark Summers, Mark has a very successful hair extension business and regularly tends to the tresses of the MTV Geordie Shore cast.  So, now you know a bit about this motley crew, on to the good stuff…

I wore a white Love Niche tuxedo dress accessorised with Love Niche hand harnesses and a hair crown, Luisa wore custom Pink Cherry Couture and Mark wore Zara Man with brogues.  We enlisted the help of Celebrity Makeup Artist Stacey Lincoln who visited us at our Notting Hill penthouse apartment, with instructions to give me the darkest black smokey eye, (to match my heart), and to give Luisa (my partner in beautiful crimes), the full drag queen treatment.  Mark required no makeup because he’s freaking gorgeous without it.


We arrived at the Grand Connaught Rooms and were greeted on the door by iPad wielding hostesses who registered us for the evening before we headed to the bar for gin.  The first room housed the bar & a dedicated selfie zone with a Kimye-esque white (natch) flower wall, the second was set up for the main event with tables named after designers (we were Fendi), and a buffet dinner.  Before the event started we mingled with Lizzie Cundy, Arlene Philips and Abigail Clarke (who is an actual friend of mine, not just someone I spotted).


With the boxing season about to start again for me I was under strict orders to drink no alcohol so of course I drank gin, amaretto and more gin (sorry Phil, I shall repent by jumping rope).  The food wasn’t so great – a sentiment echoed by everyone on my table and further afield, and the queuing system was most likely responsible for the late start.  In the days following the event, we were contacted by the Safety In Beauty Team to express their disappointment with the venue and how things hadn’t gone as promised.  It certainly didn’t spoil our night anyway!

Despite starting way later than planned, once the event was underway we heard real life stories of how the campaign has helped people and how most importantly, education for consumers is key.  If consumers are able to make an informed decision based on truth, then the campaign has succeeded in empowering them.  Awards were given out in a variety of categories after being shortlisted and critiqued by a specialist panel.

On to the reason for us being there, as the sole practitioner at Newcastle Skin Clinic, Luisa was shortlisted for the Nurse of the Year Award having been recognised for her reconstructive work and her cautious attitude towards injecting filler etc.  Sadly she didn’t win, the award went to Rachel Goddard who Luisa said was a “very deserving winner”.  The actual awards part of the evening was excellent, not too long like some of these events can be and not so short that it loses its effect.  Each category and associated award was compounded with a success story which made it relatable for the audience.  The full list of categories and award winners is below.

Nurse of The Year Award Winner
Rachel Goddard

Highly Commended
Claudia McGloin
Sue Ibrahim
Lindsey McEnroe

Doctor of The Year Award Winner
Dr. David Eccleston

Highly Commended 
Dr Patrick Treacy
Dr Tijion Esho
Dr Daniel Sister

Surgeon of The Year  Award Winner
My Breast Group (Patrick Malucci, Simon Withey, Norman Waterhouse, Peter Butler)

Highly Commended
Sabrina Shah-Desai
Nick Parkhouse

Clinic of The Year Award Winner
EF Medispa
Highly Commended
Air Aesthetics

Beauty Industry Professional of The Year Award Winner
Tracy Giles

Highly Commended 
Lorena Oberg
Eryca Freemantle

Innovation for Pioneering Service in Safety Brand Award Winner

Innovation for Pioneering Service in Safety Individual Professional Award Winner
Norman Wright PAPPS

Training/Educational & Professional Development (Advanced Beauty) Award Winner 
Noveau Contour by Karen Betts

Training/Educational & Professional Development (Medical Aesthetic) Award Winner
BACN British Association of Cosmetic Nurses

Highly Commended
Society of Mesotherapy

Best Industry Safety Campaign Award Winner
British Association of Dermatologists for The Sun Awareness Campaign

Best Industry Media Outlet Award Winner
The Consulting Room

Best Beauty & Aesthetics Industry Show/Event Award Winner
Olympia Beauty

Outstanding Career Achievement Award Winner
Dr. Dawn Harper

People’s Choice Award – Most Inspirational Person Award Winner
Katie Piper

The White Party feels like an exclusive club, almost like the premiership for UK aesthetic practitioners and this is their Christmas Party.  It’s interesting to see how these people interact with one another; there’s no competing, no animosity and in fact, they all seem to be friends with one another, cheering for each other as names are called out during the awards ceremony.  As we leave the event, shoes in hand, Luisa tells me that she’s proud to have been in a room with some of her “heroes and mentors” and that makes me smile.  We hail a cab and head back to our apartment where we quickly realise that none of us brought any makeup remover….

“Thank you to all our amazing sponsors and guests attending, the glamour and style is always a pleasure to see, and the support The Safety in Beauty Campaign continues to amass yearly is simply humbling” – Antonia Mariconda, Founder & Creator

Roll on 2017, I can’t wait to see what happens next year!

Pixie xo

I also have to give special thanks to Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic for getting me event ready in the days before The White Party.  I paid them a visit for white Essie gel nails, Decleor’s Vital Eyes treatment for my tired eyes and Nouveau’s LVL Lashes which are the best I’ve ever had, in fact, the makeup artist we used said there was no need for false lashes because my own were THAT GOOD! So big love guys, you’re the best!



Decleor HydraFloral Anti Pollution Active Lotion: Tried & Tested

I was asked by Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic to mix things up a little this month and instead of the usual treatment review, to take a salon product, try it out at home and then report back with my findings; a good, solid, tried and tested review so that you Voyeurs, can make an informed decision before you buy.  This is something I’ll be doing more of in the coming months.

This month’s Beauty Product On Trial is the amazing Decleor HydraFloral Anti Pollution Active Lotion.  A tricky product to define and a tongue twister to say, it’s a moisturiser with a big difference; when dispensed, it’s a clear fluid, similar to a toner and when applied to the skin it drip feeds the skin essential moisture throughout the day as required to keep skin in tip top condition.

“Enriched with Moringa Olifeira extract providing protection against pollution particles, it reveals a beautiful skin texture. Skin feels plumped, with dehydration lines appearing smoothed. Skin glows and feels fresh.”   Decleor 

In short, it’s a revelation, a wonder product, a bathroom essential!  As we know daily stress and pollution take their toll on our skin and can cause dehydration and other visible skin defects, Decleor Anti Pollution Active Lotion combines the freshness of a cosmetic water with the hydration power of a cream delivering continuous hydration, trust me, I’ve used it and I’m a convert!

I recently came back from vacation with flaky, congested skin from dehydration, changes in temperature, and using sunscreen.  I had one Microdermabrasion Facial at Newcastle Hair & Beauty and followed this with Decleor’s latest addition to the HydraFloral range.

Skeptical at first after seeing the consistency of the product, I kept the faith and used it twice per day for three weeks on my face and neck.  Decleor advise “Apply 2-3 drops into your hands (no cotton pad needed) and massage into a cleansed face and neck” sounds easy right?  In an age where we use space age serums followed by moisturisers with SPF and oils it really is, That. Simple.

On a morning I’d ‘pat’ it in to my skin which felt immediately hydrated and ‘springy’.  On an evening I’d apply the water-like lotion and let it soak into my skin and then “seal” it in with my usual facial oil and my skin improved dramatically within just four days.  It’s light and doesn’t clog pores, (I wish I’d had it before I went on vacation!) and it really feels like skincare stripped right back to the basics.  Fresh, easy and effective; just how skincare should be.

Want to try it out for yourself?  Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic will have Decleor HydraFloral Anti Pollution Lotion as their Product On Trial in the salon, pop in and give it a go with no obligation but be prepared to be hooked, this one’s a doozie….

Pixie xo

Decleor HydraFloral Anti Pollution Active Lotion 100ml £40



Tenenbaums On Tour: Vacay!

As you know Voyeurs, I just got back from an amazing vacation visiting Mama Tenenbaum in Menorca and this time, my (non twin) brother Horlicks and his wife Kate came along too.  I don’t usually write about this type of thing but Menorca is pretty special and I got some awesome pictures so thought I’d let them do the talking…

We got off to a great start at Newcastle Airport; travelling with an Autistic passenger with the added complication of a severe learning disability and a rare chromosomal abnormality can be tricky to say the least but Jet2 Ground Crew member Dean Johnson was amazing, organising a separate bus to take Plankton and his entourage to the plane and even escorting him to the plane door.  Snaps for Dean and Jet2, seriously guys, that’s a great thing you’ve got going on there.

We visited gorgeous Ciutadella on market day, if you haven’t been I’d highly recommend it.  From the beautiful police station to the smell of leather drifting around the market, it’s a veritable treat for the senses and there are tiny side streets to amble along and admire the architecture (and doors).  I couldn’t resist picking up a pair of Little Lord Fauntleroy style bloomers (yes, really) and some other pieces.

In the small hill top town of Alaior, the locals come together every Saturday night for live music and dancing in the square, it’s something not really known by visiting tourists and it’s rare to find another English speaking person there but it’s well worth a visit.  The sounds of Santana blast out during our visit and yes, Plankton and I dabbled…

Back in Son Bou I discovered a picture of yours truly on the Wall of Fame in the world famous Mai Tai Bar (which serves one of the best gin and tonics I’ve ever had, it’s an experience not to be missed).

I wore headwear, but no crowns….

And was woken up far too early on more than one occasion….

I wore ONE BIKINI on ONE DAY, the first time in 22 years in fact, and was trolled for it:

We visited beautiful Mahon, a wonderfully eclectic mix of all things new and old from the flagship Stradivarius store to the old castle walls.  There’s also awesome street art at every turn…

The reason for our visit, my mama’s husband’s 60th birthday, went on for a full seven days of eating out and drinking Mahon gin and far too many pictures of me smiling or looking drunk…

I had a Marilyn moment….

And we watched the most beautiful sunsets over Sant Tomas beach, famed for it’s gorgeous aspects…

The Tenenbaum Olympics took place, disappointingly, my brother and I were the only entrants and the proceedings were halted pretty quickly during the Lunge Race when this happened…


We took the boardwalk to the beach, something I think of a lot when I’m in the UK, put simply, it’s a myriad of wooden walkways leading to different aspects of the beach and various beach and surf bars.  Doesn’t sound like much, I guess you had to be there…

We haven’t even started on the doors yet…. if you’re a fellow #archilover then the #DoorsOfMenorca are seriously good, yes, even with a #PhotoTerrorist.  Thanks Horlicks, you’re adoorable (see what I did there??).

I bought stuff.  Natch… (Let it be known that this little bottle of golden goodness {centre} is an absolute #HairHero, if you’re in Spain, stock up and then give it all to me)

I took a lot of pictures of my feet, in my defence I was road testing a new gel nail system from Essie, but I know what you’re thinking: weird.  Am I right?

…..and a few of my butt, but that was just for the #BikiniHaters and I gained a few tattoo hating trolls in the process…

As for the rest of the vacation, it truly was lush.  From the busy city to the fishing ports, the night markets to the cocktail bars, the place is visually gorgeous and the people are friendly.  There’s loads to keep kids entertained too, not my usual topic but there’s a gazillion play parks which are well equipped and clean all over Menorca.  Bo actually allowed me to photograph him once or twice too #Winning.

There’s not a lot more you can ask for from a family vacation is there?  Yes, Mama Tenenbaum cried on our arrival and our departure but you’d expect nothing less would you #Voyeurs?

So now I’m back in the UK there’s one thing that’s top of my priority list and that’s booking my next break.  Nice, I’m coming for you….

Pixie xo


Calvin Klein Campaign Features its First Plus Size Model

For a little while now news has been swirling of Calvin Klein’s intention to use “more healthy body shapes” in its Intimates campaigns and we’ve finally been given the Perfectly Fit campaign featuring the brand’s first ‘plus size’ model, 27 year old Myla Dalbesio.


Since Kate Moss exploded on to the scene in the early 90’s and set tongues wagging with that iconic Calvin Klein Intimates campaign, this gig is one of the most coveted out there.  Despite the huge success of the campaign, Moss claimed some years ago that she was uncomfortable with the content at such a young age.

Back to today; it’s an unfortunate fact that models between size 6-14 are considered plus size and beyond a size 14 there are several other brackets to define size to the modelling industry, and it’s a minefield.

When Dalbesio booked the Calvin Klein gig, shot by Lachlan Bailey she cried, calling it a defining moment in her career at a size 10, she’s the biggest model the iconic brand have ever worked with.  I’m probably as frustrated by this as you are.

“It’s kind of confusing because I’m a bigger girl, I’m not the biggest girl on the market but I’m definitely bigger than all the girls Calvin Klein has ever worked with, so that is really intimidating.”  Myla Dalbesio

Let’s be clear here, the brand made no big announcement about the campaign before being launched, there was no song and dance about including a plus size model, merely a comment about ‘health’ during a Q&A session in the pre-season.  The brand directive was simply “to take a beautiful picture” of the models featuring in the campaign (Lara Stone, Amanda Wellsh, Jourdan Dunn, Ji Hye Park and Myla Dalbesio)

“They released me in this campaign with everyone else; there’s no distinction. It’s not a separate section for plus size girls”  Myla Dalbosio

The inclusion of Dalbosio in the campaign has sparked global debate, not because it’s inappropriate or because it’s wrong, we should be celebrating all body types, but because of the definition of ‘plus size’ within the fashion industry.

For those taking a swipe at Calvin Klein, you’re aiming wide of the mark.  The brand decided to use ‘healthy bodies’ in it’s Perfectly Fit campaign.  If you were hoping for a size 20 model in this Intimates campaign, come on, that was never going to happen.

It’s just a fact that the fashion industry is tiered and at the top level, from haute couture to pret a porter, you’re unlikely to see a model above a size 4-6 and if you do manage to spot a ‘plus size’ hottie, it’s likely to be a headline grabbing tactic – Sophie Dahl on the Gaultier runway in the late 90’s leading to THAT banned Opium campaign, Crystal Renn for Chanel in 2010, Candice Huffine on the cover of Vogue Italia, Ashley Graham on the cover of Elle France and Sports Illustrated – all prolific and memorable moments for a Fashion Voyeur like me, but all created for dramatic effect using ‘plus size’ models as a prop.

This is one of those topics that won’t go away and it’s a multi-layered can of worms; Why does it exist?  What is plus size?  Who’s to blame? etc.  Undoubtedly, everyone will have a differing opinion on who is at fault.  However, one thing that’s glaringly obvious is that the public’s perception of ‘plus size’ is very different to that of the fashion industry.  Time for some regulation and education perhaps?

Pixie xo

“The new Calvin Klein Underwear Perfectly Fit imagery features models Myla Dalbesio, Jourdan Dunn, Amanda Wellsh, Ji Hye Park and the face of the brand, Lara Stone, in several styles. The Perfectly Fit line was created to celebrate and cater to the needs of different women, and these images are intended to communicate that our new line is more inclusive and available in several silhouettes in an extensive range of sizes.”  Official statement from the House of Calvin Klein


Essential Vacation Prep at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic

You all know I’ve just arrived back in the UK from an amazing vacation to visit Mama Tenenbaum on the island of Menorca and as we all do, I put in a bit of essential beauty prepping beforehand…

Here’s my guide to Essential Vacation Prep, a simple set of treatments which are vital to getting you holiday ready.  There are no luxurious facials here, just plain, simple, look good, feel great classics to get your Summer vacation of to a great start and these treatments are long lasting, requiring no maintenance during your vacation time.  Bonus.

I hit up long time Fashion Voyeur collaborator Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic to get started and from their menu of treatments I picked these:

1. Essie Gel Nails – Fingers £35

Gel nails, you either love ’em or hate ’em and there’s no in-between.  The pros are that they’re long lasting, chip resistant and super shiny, the cons are that they can be damaging to nails of not removed correctly and when they grow, you’re left with that bare  crescent at the cuticle as your nails grow.  Essie’s system is relatively new in terms of gel nails and it’s the brand favoured by Kate Middleton, the actual Queen, and now me, Pixie Tenenbaum, Blogger extraordinaire.  Ok, gel initiation over, I like to go for a real Summery colour my Nail Technician Gemma tells me that I ALWAYS go for the shades that nobody else chooses so I’m here to show you why these neglected shades are simply the best.

I chose Essie’s ‘Sunset For Two’ a super Summery and citrus shade of orange, I figure if I tan (I don’t), it’s going to look even more awesome.  It’s the Boxing off-season at the moment too so I’ve been able to let my nails grow #Winning.  On day 10 two of my gels had started to peel, I’m guessing this was down to the heat so rather than panic, I buffed them back a little and it was barely noticeable other than on the two tips in question.

2. Essie Gel Nails – Toes £35

Come on, you can’t do fingers and not toes right?!  I always go for gel toes on vacation, open toe shoes call for foot jewellery and metallic tattoos so it’s only fitting to throw some polish on there to make them pop.

I chose a bold, bright shade called ‘Bring Me Another’ and here’s the thing, although this isn’t actually a colour changing polish, this colour changed every day from day one, including the days that I was in the UK before I left for Menorca.  Starting off as a bright, solid shade of fuchsia pink with lots of pigment and depth of colour, it faded through coral to a soft pale orange.  Good thing or bad thing?  I’ll let you decide.  Unexpected for sure, but I actually quite liked the different looks it gave me throughout my vacation without having to paint them each time.  If you choose this shade for yourself because you adore it,  bear in mind that it won’t stay that shade for long but it stayed completely intact with no peeling.

3. Brow & Lash Tint £18.50

Absolutely essential. Fact.  I’m currently using a product to regrow my brows (I grew up in the 90’s what can I say) and although they are coming in, they’re thinner than the rest of my brows and a tint just gives the appearance of much thicker, more uniform brows, a look that I love.  I actually tint them every fortnight and I go for dark brown mixed with a little black for a custom shade.  Had I not been growing my brows in, I’d add a wax to get the shape looking slick.

My lashes are pretty good but we all get those bleached tips that look like little white dots when you get up close and they can make lashes look shorter.  A tint breathes life back into lashes making them look darker, longer and sleeker and it opens up the eyes – handy if like me, you’re pretty sleep deprived most of the time.  Plus, no mascara required for the duration of your vacation and that’s never a bad thing.  If you feel that you’re lashes are very straight and ‘disappear’ when you look at them in the mirror, you could try LVL Lashes.

4. Lycon Bikini Wax £38

If you’re not already familiar, then get familiar.  This is a wax that will change your life. Maybe….

You all know that I’m a Bikini Wax Connoisseur (it’s a thing) from my posts about struggling to find a great wax North of London but Lycon changed everything.  With a menu of ‘styles’ to choose from including Brazilian, Hollywood and Californian, Newcastle Hair & Beauty clinic have got you covered.  Personally for me it’s a Hollywood every time (yup, that’s everything off Voyeurs), and I’m regular, every eight weeks like clockwork, you could set your watch by my waxing appointments.

I don’t have to tell you why a bikini wax is Essential Holiday Prep Voyeurs, with high line bikinis and swimsuits making a comeback thanks to Kylie Jenner, there’s more and more skin on show at the beach (and beyond) these days, don’t be that person who didn’t get a wax…

So, there it is Voyeurs, my top tips to get you vacation ready without shelling out an absolute fortune.    Think of me as the Waitress Essentials of beauty, no fluffy stuff, no uber expensive treatments and nothing that requires any recovery time.  Just plain, simple, affordable staple treatments.  You’re welcome.

As soon as I hit home soil, I like to get a Microdermabrasion Facial £54 to slough off all the surface cells and get my skin in tip top condition.  I often react to using sunscreen on my face and Microdermabrasion is a great solution, after all if you tan, you want great skin to show it off right?


Pixie xo

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Newcastle Hair & Beauty clinic have a £5 voucher for new customers, available to download here


Newcastle Skin Clinic Shortlisted for a Safety in Beauty Award

North East business woman and Newcastle Skin Clinic Aesthetic Nurse Luisa Scott has been nominated for the Nurse of the Year Diamond Award by the Safety in Beauty organisation.

The Safety in Beauty campaign seeks to:

Help, educate and empower consumers
Facilitate a better, safer, more transparent industry
Offer much-needed support
Give peace of mind to everyone seeking to improve their looks
The Safety in Beauty Campaign supports member of the public by allowing them limited FREE access to emotional, legal and medical advice and support. The campaign is run by voluntary supporters and professionals who do not receive any financial renumeration for the time and services that they generously give for the greater good of the campaign objectives.

Luisa began her Aesthetics career in Urban Retreat Medi-Spa in Harrods of London before returning to her home town of Newcastle to concentrate on opening a boutique aesthetics clinic to serve the people of the North East.  With the idea of bringing Harley Street to the North East, Newcastle Skin Clinic was set up offering aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, skin peels and lip enhancements.

Luisa is known for her Signature Lip Augmentation procedure: ApocaLips and her loyal clients have coined the nickname Luisa Lips for this very reason.  With the cast of Geordie Shore as regular clients, Luisa has built a reputation for being a careful, conscientious practitioner who listens to the needs of her clients before guiding them through treatment.

With a loyal client base from all over the UK (and further afield), not just the North East, she is passionate about providing a quality service to her clients and is proud to be nominated for a Diamond Award.

“It was a complete surprise” Luisa said, “I wasn’t aware that I had been shortlisted until this week and had to call to confirm.”  Speaking about the Safety in Beauty Awards, Luisa said that they are of utmost importance to the aesthetics industry as they “give patients a voice and a place where they can seek out trusted and accurate advice.”  About her own nomination Luisa said that she is “honoured and humbled to be nominated for a Safety in Beauty Award, it’s recognition for good work and safe practice.”

Newcastle Skin Clinic is now in it’s second year of business and Luisa is showing no signs of slowing down.  With a second business, Glam Squad Express, a hair and make up studio which launched earlier this year Luisa tells us that in Newcastle it’s important to always look at what clients want and need and respond accordingly.

In her spare time, Luisa is  DJ and has worked in the hottest clubs from London to Ibiza and still dabbles now so it’s no surprise that Glam Squad Express have just launched their ‘Glam Night In‘ which Luisa tells me is a the perfect prelude to a night out in Newcastle.  Put simply, grab your Squad, turn up to have your hair and makeup done as you normally would but there’ll be  DJ spinning your favourite tunes and a champagne stocked fridge.  Sounds good right?


The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards will take place July 2nd in Covent Garden, London at the annual White Party.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you Luisa!

Pixie xo



Muhammad Ali 1946 – 2016

My heart is broken, my hero has fallen….

“I won’t miss boxing, boxing will miss me” – Muhammad Ali

I have no words so here’s a selection of the most awesome pictures of the most awesome man to ever have lived.

Now go do something amazing…..

Pixie xo