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British Fashion Awards to honour Karl Lagerfeld

The Outstanding Achievement Award will be presented to Karl Lagerfeld at the British Fashion Awards on November 23rd 2015. The white haired designer will be honoured at the ceremony, which will take place at London’s Coliseum, for his unrivalled contribution to the fashion industry over the years.

For over fifty years Karl Lagerfeld has remained a formidable force in the fashion industry and has taken the helm of numerous iconic houses - including Chloe, Fendi and Chanel (obvs).  Never one to shy away from hard work, Kaiser Karl has juggled many successful careers as an award winning photographer, publisher and art director alongside his numerous design undertakings.


Obviously It’s his work at Chanel for which he is most recognised and applauded.  A tenure of over thirty years has seen Lagerfeld’s unique vision transform the classic French house into a force majeur and one held in high esteem by any fashionista worth her Manolo’s.   A vision that extends beyond the atelier, Lagerfeld’s influence has helped launch numerous supermodel careers, has redefined fashion advertising and laid down the blueprint of how to revive a fashion brand – revolutionising the industry in the process.

A titan of the industry, Chanel under Lagerfeld’s guidance continues to push the boundaries of expectation in fashion. Setting a precedent with his awe-inspiring, globe-trotting runway shows, Karl Lagerfeld’s visionary genius has kept him at the forefront of contemporary culture for decades.

Natalie Massenet MBE commented: “Karl Lagerfeld defines outstanding. He is the champion of excellence, the master of the exceptional and one of the most iconic figures globally from our industry. His life’s work for his own and so many extraordinary brands has written the language of fashion. He is the ultimate visionary and we celebrate not only the decades already passed but those yet to happen. In Karl’s hands the future of fashion will be an exceptional one.”

For me, this has been a long time coming; no other house puts on a runway show like Chanel, Lagerfeld takes a culturally relevant theme with each new season and runs with it, literally until the legs fall off.  A modern visionary at 82 years old - I salute you Kaiser Karl, as do the British Fashion Council.

Pixie x

A view of the delicatessen at Fenwick Food Hall

Fenwick Unveils its Food Hall

A huge makeover and multi million pound overhaul of Fenwick Food Hall in Newcastle upon Tyne has finally been unveiled to the public and man, is it good.  I was invited along to the launch night and it didn’t disappoint.

The family run Fenwick department store on Northumberland Street has long been a mecca for shoppers, offering something for everyone and recently expanding into stocking more niche, desirable products such as vintage Chanel handbags and Fifty Pound Gin.

Plans for the new and improved Food hall have been well publicised but with a launch date under wraps, and cleverly cordoned off sections, the revamp was very much a secret operation and one which was overdue.

Award winning interior design consultancy CADA design have overseen the transformation of the Food Hall and created a much lighter, brighter feel.  The world famous design company have previously worked with Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Charbonnel et Walker to name a few so there’s no doubting that our flagship department store has been in good hands.

With a brand new Wine Room featuring floor to ceiling bespoke shelving with sliding ladders and a chiller where customers can purchase wine by the glass, this new area really is something to behold.  With attentive and knowledgable staff, Fenwick have gone the extra mile to make sure that whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll absolutely find it here.

There are three new dining areas offering different experiences for guests.  Mediterranean restaurant Fuego serves hand stretched pizza and has a casual bar area for shoppers who just want to rest their feet in luxury surroundings with a glass of something cheeky.  Pan Asian restaurant Ko Sai is billed as a noodle bar but on closer inspection it’s way more than that.  It’s a deceptively spacious dining area with 43 seats for guests hungry for something a little bit different than the city’s usual offerings.  Finally Mason + Rye, a patisserie with a dine in option and a cake display to die for, it’s worth visiting the Food Hall for this alone.

Other new additions to the Food Hall include The Saltwater Fish Company which brings with it an Oyster Happy Hour where fresh oysters are only one pound per shuck.  With more of a focus on local suppliers and locally sourced foods, Fenwick will house produce from North Eastern favourite Doddington Dairy, The Honey Store in Ponteland (to sit alongside the in-house range of honey which Fenwick itself produces in store) and Durham Green Lane who are known locally for their herb preserves and jellies.

The Food Hall itself boasts a fresh new look which brings it right up to date with the larger department stores found in London.  With high ceilings and clever use of light, the Food Hall feels twice the size that it previously was and with intuitive zoning, shoppers are guided fluidly around each area.  There’s a whole area dedicated to artisan chocolate with counters displaying freshly made truffles and pre-packaged chocolates which make for the perfect gift.

Heaton’s famous Naked Deli have set up shop in Fenwicks offering healthy, gluten free lunch options, smoothies and salads and the genius positioning right next to the door means city workers can nip in and out with a healthy lunch option - something that has been thin on the ground in Newcastle, until now.  Directly opposite Naked Deli is Ouseburn Coffee Company, set up like a bar, it’s a great pitstop for shoppers and has a handy seating area where you can ditch the bags and mull over your purchases with local coffee.

By opening itself up to a whole new audience, Fenwick has assured its place at the top of the food chain (pun intended) when it comes to gastronomic warfare.  It would be easy to wax lyrical about the new Fenwick Food Hall, it’s been a long time coming and has been a certain success, but the best way to find out is to go there for yourself and drink it all in.  My parting advice?  Take comfortable shoes, you’ll be in there a while….

Pixie x

Fenwick can be found at 39 Northumberland Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 1AR



IMG_4908 (1)

#NETwitterati Nominations Now Open

It’s that time of year again where the North East’s most influential people in social media are honoured and celebrated in the #NETwitterati Awards.

Set up by Trinity Mirror Group in the North East, #NETwitterati is now entering its third year and hopes to celebrate a new generation of social media influencers and talents from all sectors and genres - This year, I’m hoping to be one of them.

Anyone can get involved in the process, you don’t have to be resident in the North East but the person you’re nominating does, i.e. me (see where I’m going with this?)  each person gets five nominations and, all you have to do is send the Twitter handle of your chosen influencers by email to or you can do it via Twitter by tweeting (PixieTenenbaum) to @jnlbusiness using the hashtag #NETwitterati.

It’s a great thing to get involved with and this year looks set to be bigger and better than ever with more ways to get involved, the results will be published on Chroniclelive and in Trinity Mirror Group’s Most Influential magazine next month, so get tweeting, I’d absolutely love your support #Voyeurs!

As you know, I pride myself on bringing you the latest fashion news and trends and also share my own personal experiences.  I’ve branched out into beauty and hair this year and am really enjoying bringing you the buzz on the latest treatments available in spas and beauty clinics nationwide.  For those eagle eyed #Voyeurs out there, you’ll also know that I’m now a regular on MADE in Tyne & Wear’s show The LowDown (Freeview channel 8) where I regularly give fashion tips and styling advice.

So, if what I do floats your boat, then nominate me for the #NETwitterati and I’ll be your best friend forever……….

Pixie x

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And then nominate me. Obvs. Thanks. Bisous. Mwah.



A-List Hair

Well #Voyeurs, I only went and blinking done it…… I made an appointment to get my hair cut, and I kept it!

As you know, I’ve had some hair troubles recently, you only have to read my recent hair related post to feel my pain.  Basically, too much bleach, heat and over processing left my tresses in a bad way and in desperate need of quite a drastic overhaul.  I enlisted the help of celebrity hairdresser Neville Ramsay and Milk_Shake Hair UK to do the deed and after being told by Neville to “man up” I knew I was in the right hands - I like a man who can manage by ridiculous compulsion to be over dramatic.

Neville assessed my hair and recommended we cut it into a very blunt, straight bob to take as much of the dead weight out of it as possible without going too short for my face shape.  Neville knows I love to experiment with colour and so we decided to take it to a slate blue / grey colour using Milk_Shake UK strengthening toners (don’t worry, there’s no bleach involved, they don’t mess with the structural integrity of your hair, they simply wash in and out).  Neville is a Milk_Shake UK Ambassador and their Whipped Cream Leave In conditioner comes highly recommended by Neville, hailed as the brands “Hero Product” Neville says he uses it on clients at every opportunity.  Part of the z-one concept group, milk_Shake is a young, dynamic Italian haircare company offering professional hair and beauty products worldwide to both salons, and people like you and I who just want to see our hair back in tip-top condition.  If you know me personally you’ll know that I work out a lot and that on it’s own takes it’s toll on my hair.

Ok, back to the story of my recent bravery……. We started by prepping the hair with shampoo, no conditioner, then mixed up equal parts toner and Whipped Cream conditioner before applying it to my hair at the basin, after five minutes, the excess was removed with a towel.  We agreed (me - reluctantly) that a bob would work for my face shape and lifestyle and would certainly be more modern and on trend than my previous grown out style.

I’ll be honest with you, the rest of my time in A List Salon was a bit of a blur, given that I’m a complete and utter drama queen when it comes to having my haircut, I remember blind panic, hyper ventilating and lots of whinging ( all from me of course), and then being shown the finished product…..


I have to say that given the amateur dramatics and hullabaloo I created, I actually really like this style on me.  I’d convinced myself that short hair wasn’t for me and probably wouldn’t have tried it had I not damaged my hair so badly in the first place, It’s still long enough to tie back and I can still get my signature gym pigtails in, but the biggest difference is in the condition.  Neville sent me away with a Milk_Shake UK gift pack containing shampoo, conditioner and Whipped Cream Leave In Conditioner and told me to keep up the in salon treatments but absolutely no bleaching whatsoever, and no cutting until February next year!

So, who knows what’s inshore for me next February but with all this courage and bravery, I think I deserve some sort of medal, or at the very least a sticker……

Pixie x

Huge thanks to Neville Ramsay and Joni Voladares for looking after me at A-List Salons in Sunderland, thanks also to Milk_Shake Hair UK for providing me with products to maintain my new style and colour.

To make an appointment with Neville call the salon on 0191 510 9988


Le SAPE Nocturne

You’ll know by now #Voyeurs that I’m partial to a speakeasy and happen to have visited some of the best ones around, however, I’ll let you in on a secret; a friend of mine runs THE best one in the entire world.  I’m talking full scale production with all the minor details taken care of, all you have to do is show up and enjoy…..

“Le SAPE - Where class is more important than swagger.”

Jason has always worked in show business and when you see him, you’ll realise that he was born for this and nothing else.  He cuts a dashing figure in smart, edgy attire - think shirt and waistcoat with a pocket watch for casual dress and you’ll be on the money.  He’s a charming American with a British sense of humour.

Having worked on the Vegas music scene pretty much forever, Jason has performed with some of the greats, The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli, The O’Jays and Matt Goss to name a few and now he’s bringing his signature style and American charm to the glorious North East and more specifically, a brand new venue, The Roker Hotel in Sunderland.


Never one to bask in the limelight alone, Jason heads up ‘The Society of Ambiance-makers and Persons of Elegance’ (Le SAPE if you’re one of the cool kids), a cool collective made up of eight musicians from all over the North East who take infamous musical numbers from all genres and re-spin them with a little Le SAPE magic to create music you’ve never heard before, except you have…..

So what exactly is Le SAPE Nocturne?  in Jason’s words it’s “Equal parts speakeasy, nightclub, live music show, and soiree, stirred briskly and served with extravagant style!” and he’s not wrong.  The show is Vegas in a nutshell, it’s big, it’s bold and it’s brazen.  Think classic civilised speakeasy with a little cheekiness thrown in for good measure and you’re on the right page.

“When attending Le SAPE Nocturne one is expected to dress in his or her finest and most extravagant attire.”

The Roker Hotel venue marks a new chapter for Le SAPE Nocturne; the production has been resident at the Vermont Hotel for the past year and has been a very well guarded secret that only the coolest kids in the North East know but now that cool collective is expanding, the show is broadening it’s horizon and that means a new venue and a new audience.  The hotel itself has undergone a huge restoration programme over the past two years and the famous ballroom will house the show and its followers.  Interested……?


The first performance at The Roker Hotel will take place on Friday October 16th in The Six Soldiers Suite and you’re going to want to be a apart of this, there’s no secret knock or handshake for this event, all you have to do is contact The Roker Hotel directly to buy tickets and at £30 per person for a night of dinner, dancing and entertainment, it’s sure to be a sell out.  Just one thing before you pick up the phone though, when you’re planning your outfit for this one, go big or go home, think jazz babies and flapper girls, this is one as much for the fashion as it is for the music and trust me - you won’t be disappointed with either….

Pixie x

PS if you manage to get tickets for this awesome event, post up your pictures on social media #LeSAPE and then gloat as you’ll be the envy of all your friends.


Balmain x H&M The Collection

First we had the standout pieces from Balmain x H&M on the red carpet during the big announcement of the collaboration, then we were treated to THAT knockout campaign featuring Gigi, Kendall, Jourdan and a male model who looks eerily like Olivier Rousteing,

Bit now there’s this….. If you’re a fashion lover and you’ve logged in to Instagram or twitter today, the chances are that you’ll know the 99 piece Balmain x H&M collection was leaked this morning by Kathryn Swartz Rees.  Rees claim that she simply used Google at the right time to find the full collection via H&M’s mainframe website and was able to download the images to her phone before uploading the full collection to Instagram.

Hacked or clever marketing ploy?  Whichever it is there’s no doubt it’s done wonders for H&M as interest in the collection is stellar, it’s the top trending tagline across social media platforms and the images have been shared and reshaped millions of times already.

“I want to talk to my generation: this is my main aim as a designer.” - Olivier Rousteing.

Featuring the strong military vibe and embellishment we’ve come to expect from Balmain, the collection is strong and looks set to be H&M’s best designer collaboration yet and with anticipation growing daily, they’ll be queueing round the block for this one.

Sharpen your elbows guys and gals and get amongst it; the collection drops online and in 250 selected larger stores (unfortunately none of them in the North East) on November 5th.

Pixie x


Moschino Makes Housework Look Chic

Every season there’s a Holy Grail item that accompanies the Moschino Milan Fashion Week show and this year Jeremy Scott has come up trumps.  In the past we’ve had the Golden Arches iPhone cover, the Barbie mirror iPhone accessory and who could forget the super cute teddy bear?  This year however, Scott has stepped into desperate housewife territory….

Always bringing novelty to the mainstream, Scott used a number of typically boring and mundane items in his SS16 show for the Italian fashion house including traffic cones, feather dusters and carwash brushes but the one look which set off the show was the Windex look.  Worn by Bella Hadid, that familiar cerulean blue was unmistakeable through both fabric and make up and with one star turn the Desperate Housewife / Manic Stepford Wife look was born.

Recurring throughout the collection and of course into the now infamous Moschino goodie bag, the Windex motif was daubed on to next years must have accessory - the Windex iPhone cover, and as with previous seasons, a new fragrance was unveiled. Simply titled Fresh, the perfect fit for the quirky glass Windex bottle, and with an accompanying campaign shot by Steven Meisel starring none other that nineties supermodel Linda Evangelista depicted as a dreamy, dazed housewife in a baby blue robe with matching make up. (Lead campaign image above).

It’s fun, camp and oh so Moschino, you’ll remember that Evangelista fronted Scott’s first campaign for Moschino in FW2014 when we were first treated to those Golden Arches, well she looks way more at home in SS16.


I’ve no idea what Fresh smells like but I certainly remember being a fan of Windex as a child so I reckon I’ll give it a go….

Pixie x


A New Era For Balenciaga

We’re into Day 7 of Paris Fashion Week and this one is more exciting than ever, why?  Because the day is breaking with some big news….

Just days after Alexander Wang‘s final runway show for Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia has been appointed and named as the Creative Director for the iconic fashion house.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Gvasalia comes fresh from Paris fashion brand Vetements which he runs with his brother Guram, arguably the coolest thing in french fashion at the moment and certainly as simpool (simple + cool) as the brand name suggests.

Vetements takes everyday Fash Pack staples; leather bikers, cigarette pants, skinny jeans, sweaters etc. and flips the vibe to make you want and need them in your wardrobe.  Think recycled jeans made with strips and patches of old hammered denim, biker jackets made with old washed and rewashed leather, and sweats with real frayed edges - basically, Vetements gives you the off-duty model look for everyday with a pinch of oversize thrown in for good measure.

Not (yet) as well known as Alexander Wang, there’s no denying that Gvasalia is cut from the same cloth, graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp, he launched his first collection at Tokyo Fashion Week in 2007, before working at Margiela and then Louis Vuitton - pretty damn good credentials.

Isabelle Guichot, president and CEO of Balenciaga, this morning stated: “I am very pleased to welcome Demna Gvasalia as the artistic director of Balenciaga’s collections. He has quickly emerged as the best choice for the new artistic direction of the maison. With his mastery of techniques, his expertise and fashion knowledge, in conjunction with his innovative and carefully considered approach, Demna Gvasalia adopts a unique vision of the designer’s role today and thus recalls Cristobal Balenciaga’s own vision. I am confident that he will succeed in embracing Balenciaga’s core values and developing them in harmony with today’s global changes.”

And so begins a new, simpool (it’s a thing) era for Balenciaga and I can’t wait to see how this one unfolds….

Pixie x


Let’s Talk Hair….

Ok, random post I know but I figure if I put this on record then it’s sewed into the fabric of time and I’ll be committed to whatever I write….

So, you all know I hammer my hair, with bleach, colour, flat irons, heat, you name it, if it’s a method of processing then it’s likely to have been somewhere near my hair and left its mark. Recently more than ever - entirely my fault as I’m obsessed with changing up my style but it really has taken its toll.  So much so in fact that I’m going to have to do something very, very drastic. *Sadface*

You’re familiar with my hair by now right?  Pretty long, highlighted blonde, very thick and coarse yada, yada, yada….  well fast forward to today and it’s a thin dry mess that resembles split straw and often on a morning looks a bit like a haystack.  Thinning out at the bottom from too much bleach and snapping all over from over processing and styling, in fact, Sparky told me recently that it looks like two hairstyles, one on top of the other:-/

Ok.  So my options, which are limited, are:

  1. Shave my head.  Obviously in my head I’d look urban cool like Charlize Theron in Fury Road but in reality?  Probs not so much.  Moving on….
  2. Drastic chop, I’m thinking a cute little Sienna Miller type bob, obvs in my head I’ll be leaving the salon looking exactly like Sienna Miller, face, body, hair and all, but in reality?  Probs not so much.  (But I would have good hair…)
  3. Leave it and struggle on.  Not really an option as I’ve been told by my nearest and dearest that I look horrendous and as a Fashionista I should remedy that…..

Soooooo…..  It’s got to be Option 2 right?  Cute little Sienna Miller bob, which means lopping off A LOT of hair, granted it’s hair you couldn’t give away for wigs it’s so bad but it’s still a lot and it’s like a security blanket to me.  Eek.  Hence the post, I HATE having my hair cut, so much so I close my eyes and will myself not to cry whilst it’s happening and I often don’t follow through with my intentions so, If i put it out there, you guys can hold me accountable right?  And as you can see from the lead image above, I’ve given the Faux Bob a try and I’m not crying in that picture….

Just to give you an idea of what we’re looking at, in a matter of weeks, I’m hoping to go from this:

To this:

Well #Voyeurs, it’s out there now, which I believe means I have a legal obligation to deliver on my promise right?  Unless any persons here present know of any lawful reason why I should not lop off at least six inches of my precious hair….?  Anyone….?

Answers on a postcard, or just in a comment, but you’ll have to be quick - my appointment is booked……

Pixie x


HydraFacial MD at newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic

Every so often a beauty treatment comes along which revolutionises our approach to skincare; the HydraFacial, ladies and gentlemen, is one of those treatments. Cue space age music…..

Designed primarily to restore health to your skin, the HydraFacial is a specialist six step, non-invasive facial treatment which requires no downtime.  That’s right folks, this is one you can have on your lunch break and you’re guaranteed to see a difference the very same day.

So, who is it for?  You’re used to selecting your facial based on your age, skin type, expected outcome etc. right?  Well the HydraFacial flips that approach on its head because it’s suitable for everyone - any age, any skin type, anyone.  Because skin health is the primary objective, anyone can benefit from this innovative treatment.

The hype around this treatment has been huge, with Karren Brady, a long-standing fan of the treatment, fronting the latest campaign, the HydraFacial has become a staple treatment for TV Presenters looking for “HD skin”.  And it’s not only TV Presenters who are HydraFacial converts, with a celebrity following including Beyonce, Kate Winslet, Suki Waterhouse, Brittany Snow and Eva Mendes, surely their glowing skin is testament to the HydraFacial (and admittedly maybe a little Photoshop).

Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic approached me to road test the treatment and see if it lived up to the hype and I admit I was a little skeptical.  A treatment not aimed at any particular skin type which claims to target:

  • Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Elasticity and Firmness
  • Skintone, Evenness and Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Hyperpigmentation / Photo Damage
  • Oily / Congested Skin
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Advanced Signs of Ageing

….Pretty bold claims, even for a fancy looking machine.

So with skin health on my agenda, I set off to the clinic fresh from the gym to be pampered.  My designated Facial Therapist, Kayleigh, took me up to the top floor to a light an airy suite with lots of natural light and talked me through the six steps which make up the HydraFacial treatment:


 The treatment, although it sounds weirdly futuristic and scientific, is actually very relaxing.  It started (and finished) with a hand-held tool (and a machine that looks like a robot from the future) used to create a vacuum seal on your skin to encourage lymphatic drainage and open up pores, the light suction on the surface of the skin is strangely soothing.  Kayleigh regularly chips in with information about the science behind the treatment and how it was developed as well as the benefits I’m likely to see over the coming days including softer, smoother and more radiant skin.
The treatment takes around 40 minutes to complete and in that time, unless I hadn’t read up on it in advance, I’d have had no idea that I was being extracted, peeled and exfoliated with the Doctor Who like gadget; the whole experience is relaxing, soothing and pain-free (in fact, I may even have fallen asleep at one point but then that’s pretty standard for me).  When Kayleigh begins the Vortex-Boost phase of the treatment which aims to “push” nutrients and peptides directly into the freshly peeled skin, there’s a cooling sensation and my skin feels as if it’s physically plumping and in my head I’m convinced that it actually is…..
At the end of the treatment, Kayleigh tells me my skin is glowing, I’m asked to sit up slowly and handed a mirror.  I’m actually really surprised at the visible difference after just one HydraFacial treatment, my skin is definitely brighter and it looks fresh and clean.  Like Kayleigh said, it’s definitely glowing and it feels like baby skin.
Kayleigh points out specific areas of my skin and tells me exactly what’s been done, which are areas of concern and advises that I must drink lots of water and wear SPF for the next few days to protect my freshly exposed skin.  As I make my way down to the clinic reception, the Therapists come out from behind the counter to coo over my glowing complexion and they tell me that I look “radiant” so naturally I leave with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.  Later that evening, I attended a big showcase event at Bonbar in Newcastle and I went make up free (something I never do unless I’m working out) to avoid clogging up my freshly decongested pores because my skin looked so good.
The HydraFacial is something that can be done as a one-off treatment for a special occasion or event and unlike other facials, you’re not likely to suffer a breakout in the following days, in fact, quite the opposite, skin is said to improve the day following the treatment.  It can also be “prescribed” as a course if you have problem skin, or a particular issue you’d like to work on such as acne or rosacea but it’s pricey - it’s serious stuff and there’s actual real life science to back up its claims.  In London the HydraFacial is available (and regularly snapped up) and an eye-watering £230 per treatment and the cast of Made in Chelsea are regular devotees.  However up here in the North East, the treatment is brand spanking new and Newcastle Hair and beauty Clinic are offering it for £120; that’s not a special offer or a discounted price, that’s just the regular price Voyeurs.

Staff member at NH&BC after one HydraFacial Treatment

One thing I have to hand to Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic is their knowledge, and enthusiasm for each new treatment they add to their already impressive menu -  the Therapists here are passionate about beauty and they’re excited to learn about new and innovative beauty treatment methods.  They’re a long time collaborator of mine and there’s a reason for that - I trust their expertise, and so should you.  The clinic is the longest standing beauty clinic in the City and with a few recessions and some hard times hitting the UK over the years, that’s a pretty impressive feat.
If you’re quick, and I mean lightning quick, you can grab a slice of the action and a taste of the HydraFacial treatment for the bargain price of £30 at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic’s extended Red Carpet Event and I’ll be there to share my experience of the treatment too.  Call up, book in, job done.  You’re going to love this one Voyeurs, I know I do…..
Pixie x