Month: April 2016


Sunderland Fashion Weekend

If you live in the North East, you’re probably already familiar with Newcastle Fashion Week, but 2016 brings us a new stylish younger sister in the form of Sunderland Fashion Weekend.  Making its debut at The bridges Shopping Centre, this weekend saw the north East Fash Pack flock to the shopping centre for fashion advice, runway shows and offers galore.

As a preview to what was in store for shoppers, I was invited to sit on the Frow at the VIP runway show hosted by Heart Radio’s Kellyanne Scott and featuring clothes which were all available to purchase at stores in the Bridges Shopping Centre, Sunderland.  I wore my trusty Warehouse shorts, Chanel boots and an Ivy Park tank and was greeted on arrival with a glass of Prosecco before being shown to my seat.

The show opened with local singer / songwriter and super gorgeous model Afnan Prince showcasing relaxed casual menswear and started as it meant to go on; dynamic, energetic and fun - an absolute must for a shopping centre runway show.  Models from local agency Tyne Tees Models danced, role-played and strutted to fun, upbeat songs and the fashion was current and relevant with SS16 clothing and accessory offerings from Topshop, Select Fashion, Debenhams and many more.

One of the real unique things about Sunderland Fashion Weekend is that throughout the whole event, each runway show showcased different looks, from different stores.  So if you hit the mall at 10.30 and were still there at 14.30, you’d have the opportunity to see three different shows, all short, sharp and to the point and all definitely on trend for SS16.  Sunderland Fashion Weekend was about so much more than just runway shows though, it was about supporting local business and opening up to new audiences.  By showcasing the current trends on the runway, shoppers were shown how to put key looks together for SS16 by making them completely accessible and wearable for Sunderland shoppers, nothing outlandish, nothing crazy, just real fashion, for real people.

Fusionz Hair and Beauty were on hand (literally) to provide bespoke henna tattoo designs for customers, admittedly a business I’d have never known about if it wasn’t for Sunderland Fashion Weekend and definitely one I’d use again.  My partner in crime, Joni and I stayed behind afterwards chatting to the Artist and business owner and looking at some one her amazing creations.

There’s no doubt that Sunderland Fashion Weekend has been a real success for the city and as a debut, was put together spectacularly well with a focus on sustaining local business rather than fast fashion.

I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for Sunderland, maybe a full fashion week?  After the success of Sunderland Fashion Weekend 2016 I certainly hope so….

Pixie x


Miss North East 2016

“Another exciting day and thrilled to announce our fourth special guest judge for our Miss North East GB Finals Pixie Tenenbaum. She is a well known Fashion and Beauty Blogger from the North East and contributing editor to Belle Bridal Magazine and NE Love. She will be joining Capital FM Breakfast Presenters ‘Bodg’ Howard & MattChico Slimani on the panel for our first final on 12th May for our Durham GB & Teesside GB Finalists.” - Simon Robertson, Director, Headline Models

Well Voyeurs, I’m honoured to tell you that I’ve been asked to be a judge at the Miss North East 2016 Pageant finals!  This is brand new territory for me but something that I’m pretty excited about nonetheless!  I’ll be joining Bodg & Matt from Capital FM North East’s Breakfast Show, Chico from X Factor, last year’s Miss Durham: Lauren Wells and DC Couture’s Dawn Carney as we make up the Judging Panel.

The pageant has seen an overwhelming number of entries for 2016 and as a result, has been split into two regional finals which will see four finalists crowned and given titles; Miss Durham, Miss Teesside, Miss Newcastle and Miss Sunderland.  Spanning the whole of the North East, these four title holders will then move on to the Miss GB pageant representing the region for 2016.  Very exciting stuff right?

If you know anything about the pageant scene then you’ll already know that each year a theme is assigned and the event and the girls are sty;ed and choreographed to fit the theme - this year it’s Moulin Rouge, a racy theme without a doubt, but very pageantesque!


The first of the finals will be held at the amazing Hardwick Hall on May 12th where Miss Durham and Miss Teesside will be crowned, with the second event taking place at the fabulously refurbished Ramside Hall Hotel and Spa on June 9th where Miss Newcastle and Miss Sunderland 2016 will receive their titles.


The pageant isn’t just about beautiful girls - although it is full of them, these girls are working closely with two local charities: Butterwick Hospice and Capital FM’s Make Some Noise to raise money which will benefit under privileged children.  All of the girls are responsible for coming up with their own ways of generating money for the charities - admirable work, and with a sash for the girl who generates the most money for the charity, the competition is fierce.

Now I’ve heard a rumour that the contestants are working on a little Christina Aguilera era Moulin Rouge opening number so I’m dusting off my crown and getting my best frock ready in preparation, stay tuned for updates Voyeurs, this one could get interesting!

Pixie x


Dermatude: The Facelift Alternative

If you live in the North East, you’ll most likely be familiar with the name Hooker & Young. The formidable duo have been making waves in the hairdressing industry for years and they have no intention of slowing down.  In fact, not content with lining their shelves with hairdressing awards, Hooker & Young are taking on the beauty industry.

At the pretty Hooker & Young Ponteland salon, you’ll find Hooker & Young Skin.  A service that sits perfectly alongside their creative hair offering and something that feels perfectly placed with the brand.  Kelly Covell is the driving force behind Skin and is passionate about offering clients the very best and most innovative treatments on the market.

“It’s not about getting in there first and being the first to have a brand new treatment, it’s about testing it, making sure the results are tangible and making sure it’s something that our clients will really benefit from.” Kelly Covell, Hooker & Young Skin

Today Kelly has invited me to try the Dermatude facial and all I know about it before my arrival is that it’s been dubbed ‘The Facelift Alternative’.  When Kelly explains what I’m in for, I’m kind of pleased I didn’t do any research….


In a nutshell, Nouveau Skin Therapy’s Dermatude facial uses meta therapy to deliver active serums to the skin through micro-needling.  That’s right Voyeurs, ‘facial’ and ‘needling’ in the same sentence, I’m already planning my escape…

I arrive at Skin and am greeted by Kelly who takes me upstairs to a cosy treatment room, the room is slick and clinical looking and dominated by a high-tech heated bed which I slink into like it’s my own.  Kelly shows me the machine she’s going to use and explains that micro-needling as it’s known, is actually less invasive than Microdermabrasion and demonstrates the feeling on the back of my hand.  she asks if I’m comfortable (I am) and then we begin.

Kelly talks me through the treatment while she’s working, we start with a strong Glycolic Peel to prep the skin and then the micro-needling pushes an active serum past the outer layers of the epidermis to living cells where they can instantly start to work on improving the texture, clarity and tone of the skin.  The treatment claims to combat premature ageing, sun damage and open pores, it’s slightly uncomfortable in certain areas but most definitely not painful.  The machine glides over the skin vibrating and pulsing to push the product deep into the dermis.  The sound from the machine is not dis-similar to that of a tattoo needle, the feeling however, is a breeze in comparison to my expectations.

Elaine Frances Dermatude treatment overview

“As a result, connective tissue is produced, filling the wrinkle from the inside out. Again, this is a natural skin process. The treatment does not involve injecting any fillers whatsoever and no muscles or nerves are blocked. However, in order to support the natural process, our special serums “Subjectables” are used for a faster and even more efficient result.” - Nouveau Skin

Whilst the active ingredients get to work on my skin, Kelly treats the backs of my hands with the micro-needler and serum and tells me what to expect when the treatment is over; slight redness which will fade pretty quickly but no makeup until tomorrow.

When I’m done, she hands me a mirror and a glass of water and I’m surprised at how fresh and instantly brighter I look.  it’s like I’ve had a good sleep and woken up wide awake and ready for action.  Sure, it’s red, but not as red as you might expect, given the type of treatment this is.  The most noticeable difference is around my eyes, the skin looks fresh and more luminous than it has before.


The treatment has a celebrity following and I can understand why, after one treatment my skin was glowing and by the next day it looked and felt amazing; soft and renewed and a lot clearer with far less visible pores.  Like most of these treatments, they’re great before an event or vacation but are recommended as blocks or packages in order to add an element of maintenance and sustaining that ‘new skin’ look and feel.  After seeing the immediate visible improvement, it’s something I’d definitely do again and Kelly is a conscientious Therapist, allowing time to explain each element of the treatment which would put even the most skeptical mind at ease.

So Voyeurs, if you fancy taking the plunge and trying out the Dermatude Meta Therapy facial, I’d highly recommend Kelly at Hooker & Young Skin in Ponteland, salon deets are below.

Pixie x

13 Bell Villas
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE20 9BD
Tel : 01661-821004




Love Niche: The Art of Style

Every season Love Niche stages a runway show in Newcastle to showcase their latest collections and SS16 was no different in that respect.  It was however, a huge departure from the regular Love Niche runway show, SS16 brought with it a record number of outfits and a brand new venue.

Following in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld, the GodFather of Chanel, Love Niche Owner and Curator Nisha Vedhara, decided to inject a little bit of Paris Fashion Week into her latest show and give every guest a seat on the Frow.  That’s right Voyeurs, no rows other than the front row and all named after the fashion capitals of the world. Natch.

You’ll know by now from past posts that Nisha and I have become good friends and I champion each collection she brings to the Fash Pack of Newcastle and beyond.  A thoughtful designer, Nisha designs for everyone, every shape and every size, there aren’t many places that can boast a bespoke service with such wide appeal and Nisha’s studio and respective lines have that in abundance.

“My number one aim isn’t to sell you clothes in fact; it’s to sell you confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, pride and a new lease of life.” Nisha

Nisha learned her trade from her mother, watching her pattern cut and create designer led pieces in India, she designs and produces her own collections “Luxe” and “Resort” and travels the world sourcing and buying the best pieces for her Love Niche “Paris” and “London” lines, ensuring there is a price point that all clients can shop, without exclusion.  Petite, beautiful and very in demand, Nisha is warm and friendly and probably knows what you want more than you do.  In fact, she’s so in demand that she’s the Stylist that Brazilian model and Victoria’s Secret favourite Adriana Lima has on speed dial when an assignment comes up and she needs the best.

Ok, back to the clothes, Love Niche show off schedule, this means that as the collection is shown, clients are able to shop it right off the runway, no waiting six months for the drop to hit the studio, what appears on the runway is current and relevant to the season we’re in.  So, scheduling lesson over, let’s fast forward to The Art of Style, the name of Nisha’s latest runway show at The Biscuit Factory - an art gallery in Newcastle that oozes cool and the perfect place to stage a runway show.  On arrival guests were greeted with a cocktail and a smile, and with a dedicated selfie zone and pop up shop, the stage was set for Love Niche’s most ambitious show to date.  I wore a hacked up ballgown, a Pearl Jam tee and a Kathryn Russell Country Garden crown - perfectly mismatched chic with an Apple Watch which I’m quick discovering goes with nothing but gym attire.

With everything from resort wear suitable for cocktails by the poolside, through to full length gowns fit for the red carpet, and fun, flirty fashion for the younger client, Love Niche put on a showcase lasting a full 60 minutes broken down into themes and styled with accessories from the Love Niche Details range, carefully curated by Nisha herself.

Models walked the snake like runway ensuring that all guests were treated to a 360 degree view of each outfit, up close and personal, exactly as it should be and were able to shop the exact pieces right there from their seat on the Frow.  With bespoke headpieces, flower crowns and section grips provided by the insanely talented Kathryn Russell, the show had a real flavour of Sicilian glamour, a la Dolce and Gabbana.

If you’re already familiar with Love Niche, you’ll know that a Love Niche runway show needs no introduction, a glamorous affair in some of the best North Eastern venues and a sell out every time, but what you might not know is that Nisha and her talented team offer a bespoke made to measure service.  Dotted around the venue were framed sketches of beautiful gowns coupled with swatches of fabric, after the show Nisha tells me that these are all sketches of real dresses which she created for real people.

“Some women come to my Studio looking for one special outfit; some come looking for an entirely new capsule wardrobe complete with accessories – but all women, without exception, come looking to learn a little about themselves. Women know what they want, but don’t always know how to achieve it… they know how they deserve to feel, but don’t always know how to express it. I know.” Nisha

Nisha tells me her bespoke Love Niche clients come back time and time again and I’m not surprised; the Love Niche Studio, tucked away on Clayton Street Newcastle is pure escapism.  Once you climb the staircase and are buzzed in, guests are welcomed with a glass of champagne and you feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.  It’s a calm and welcoming environment and the team are on hand to dispense advice where needed, there’s no push for a sale, it’s a great place to shop and it’s no surprise that Nisha has many a celebrity client given the level of privacy the studio offers.


If you haven’t yet discovered Love Niche, then make it your next shopping destination, if only for a browse and if you can, get to the next big resportwear show Kool and the Kaftan at Ramside Hall in May 2016, it promises to be another fashion extravaganza and if you have a vacation planned it’s a great way to get the jump on SS16′ s best swim and pool wear offerings.

You can thank me for this tip later!

Pixie x


Beyonce Ivy Park: 1 Day To Go

Ok BeyHive get in Formation, the wait is almost over…

There’s just one more day to go until the most hotly anticipated athleisure wear collection since Alexander Wang x H&M hits Topshop stores globally and online.  With 200 pieces making up the collection, the focus is on 90’s style in-your-face logos, simple sweats, and bodysuits worthy of a music video appearance.

I posted the full 1st drop yesterday with UK pricing so if you haven’t earmarked your favourite pieces then do so now or print yourself off a handy shopping list for when you brave the scrum on Thursday.

So sharpen your elbows, pick your favourites and to whet your appetite further, here are a few outtakes from the campaign shoot.

You’re welcome.

Pixie x



Ivy Park 1st Drop

You’ve signed up for the updates and you’ve pored over THOSE Ivy Park promo shots featuring Queen Bey herself and all that’s left to do is view the collection when it hits Topshop stores on April 14th.  That’s right Voyeurs, there are just two days to go until this hotly anticipated athleisure wear collection hits stores and online and I’ve got the full first drop right here for you, along with prices.

Sadly, if you were hoping for a bit of the Ivy Park promo action for yourself, the now infamous black Ivy Park body Beyonce wears in the campaign will not make up part of the collection, she won’t be cutting you in on that one.  However there is a similar style available with red and white trim.

My top picks from the collection are below and make for a great, versatile workout wardrobe:

The Ivy Park collaboration has been over two years in the making, view the first drop below and see if you think it was worth the wait….

Pixie x


Decleor Time Precious Facial

If you’re a time starved beauty freak who loves a discount or an exclusive offer then I’ve got something that you’re going to LOVE…..

You’ll know by now that Decleor are one of the leading innovators in aromatherapy skincare and have been for over forty years, what you might not know is just how accessible it is on the high street.  With a huge range of products and treatments to choose from, Decleor is trusted by the world’s best beauty professionals, offering specialist products and exclusive massage techniques and treatments to deliver the ultimate in skincare results and professional care.

Combining nature’s purest and most potent active ingredients, Decleor scientifically selects and masterfully blends premium essential oils to deliver for each skin need, targeted and proven skincare solutions. Understanding that beauty and well-being are intrinsically linked, Decleor offers a unique sensorial experience that visibly enhances the skin’s natural health and radiance.

We all know a facial, if delivered well, is a relaxing experience that not only boosts skin radiance, but also gives your sense of wellbeing a kick up the backside and Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic on Northumberland Street are famed for both their facials, and their knowledge and expertise of Decleor products - in fact, they house the North East’s only Decleor Training Academy on their third floor.

Anyway, getting back to all of you time poor beauty lovers out there…..

Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic are offering Voyeurs a corker of a deal on the Decleor Time Precious Facial.  Basically this facial does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a slimmed down version of the regular Decleor facial crammed into 30 minutes meaning that you can fit it in on your lunch break or whilst you’re out shopping, and here’s the best part, there’s no redness or irritation afterwards, just fresh, radiant, luminous skin.  So for £30 you get a facial from a brand and a beauty clinic you can trust and it’s great as an introductory facial too if you’re not familiar with the range.

Actually, if you thought that bit was good you’re going to really love this, if you book a Decleor Time Precious Facial at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic with Danielle on Thursday 14th or Friday 15th April the £30 cost of the facial is redeemable against any Decleor products from the range.   So to put it in perspective, If you buy two products you’re effectively making the facial free and we all love a freebie!

If you’re thinking about trying Decleor for the first time, or if you’re already a fan of the brand, there’s no better time to book a facial as you’ll be taking home two salon quality products, with a facial thrown in for good measure.

I had one today and my skin looks and feels amazing so if you see me and I’m glowing, you know why!

Pixie x

To book a Decleor Time Precious Facial click here






Fighting Fit Part 1: Kern Fitness

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that my next fight is on May 6th and that for most of this year so far, I’ve been plagued with injury.  Not a great start.

I’m a HUGE #FitnessVoyeur and had hoped to maintain the leanness I achieved in December when I hit my fighting weight but due to injury, fatigue and resulting lack of training (and bingeing) it just hasn’t happened, so, long story short we’re three months on and I’m almost two stone heavier.  Let me clarify, my weight gain was partially to do with my next fight but not wholly done in the best way and now I’m in a position where I feel ready to get back on it and convert some of this fat into muscle.

Now, anyone can box, you learn the technique, the footwork and the combinations and you learn the hard way to keep your hands up; but not everyone can be a fighter, that’s either in you or it’s not, and it’s definitely in me.

So, in order to get in the best fighting shape I can, I’ve enlisted the best of the best, trainers and instructors who understand my mentality and who will push me as far as I can go and beyond.  First up, Kern Fitness….

Rehabilitation Is Key

Kern Fitness is a pretty new fitness studio in Newcastle city centre, specialising in EMS (Electro-Muscular-Stimulation) which is used by the NBA to rehabilitate injured basketball players and get them back on the court faster and the technology and theory are sound.

the principle of EMS is simple, but sounds complicated;

“We electrical stimuli from a control unit to an individual adjustable vest. The control unit generates a harmless milliAmp electric current with carefully controlled impulse, frequency, duration, intensity and shape. The individually adjustable vest is integrated with 10 electrodes which send the stimuli to all body parts: arms, chest, back, abdomen, hips, buttocks and legs, so agonist and antagonist muscles are trained simultaneously, e.g. triceps and biceps.”

Muscles are stimulated with low frequency current, like a TENS machine, to generate resistance that you then work against. The stronger the impulse intensity, the more muscle fibres are recruited and the stronger the muscle contraction.

Let me break it down for you, you put on some high tech equipment (all black so bonus points for the added slimming effect) and you’re hooked up to a machine which delivers a pulsed current direct to your muscles and you work out using slow and controlled movements during the 20 minutes that you’re plugged in to the matrix.

This week I started an 8 week programme with Kern which will focus on strength and rehabilitation for my injured back an shoulder, once I’m hooked up to the machine we go through a familiarisation round where the current is set low and I hold a squat until we find the right frequency and we can begin.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that sessions are short, 20 minutes of EMS training is equivalent to 3 hours of conventional training, every second of EMS activation, your muscles are stimulated 85 times generating a resistance that you have to work against with every movement or exercise you do.  So, Josep (my Kern Trainer) puts me through a series of exercises specific to my needs including boxing which we do fast during the non activation period, and slow during the pulse period, a plank series, a weight series and a squat series.  It might not sound like much but after 20 minutes of EMS training the sweat is running off my face.

At the end of the session, Josep unplugs me from the matrix but leaves my lower back plugged in and we work on a series of stretches with constant activation in order to try to rehabilitate my injury - I’ll keep you updated with how it’s working out.

The best thing about Kern Fitness is that you don’t need to bring anything with you, no gym kit, no sneakers, nada.  Everything is provided and at only 20 minutes long, you can squeeze it in during your lunch break, whilst you’re out shopping or in between meetings.

I’m doing 2 sessions per week - this is what’s advised so that your body can recover in-between sessions and incase of DOMS so I’ll be back on Thursday for more and I’ll post about my progress every fortnight so you can see how I’m getting on but for now I’m signed up, sold and committed!

EMS via Kern Fitness is not just for boxers, it’s suitable for anyone, whether you want to tone up, lose fat or just try something new to compliment your existing workout routine, I’d strongly recommend giving it a try, particularly if you have a niggling sports injury.

Pixie x

Kern Fitness are currently offering a trial package which includes 2 sessions for £25

Kern Fitness, Arch, 7 Forth Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom

0191 447 5850



Saint Laurent Hires Anthony Vaccarello

Well, it’s official Voyeurs, as everyone in the world predicted, Kering have confirmed that Anthony Vaccarello will replace Hedi Slimane as Creative Director at Saint Laurent.

“Mr Saint Laurent is a legendary figure for his creativity, style and audacity. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the history of this extraordinary house” said Vaccarello in a statement given just moments ago.

“I am very proud to welcome such a vivid and young force among today’s creative fashion talents to Yves Saint Laurent. Anthony Vaccarello’s unique style will greatly express the maison’s creative signature and fashion authority, building on the brand’s solid foundations, and further developing it to realise its full potential. Together with the entire Yves Saint Laurent team, Anthony Vaccarello will strongly contribute to the maison’s growing accomplishments.”  François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO of Kering

Vaccarello is the sixth Creative Director to take the helm of the French fashion house since it’s founder Saint Laurent and it is unknown as yet, whether the designer will revert back to designing under the full title of Yves Saint Laurent, or Saint Laurent, as decided by Slimane following a brand overhaul.


All that remains to be seen now is Donatella’s “surprising” appointment to Creative Director at Versus Versace, I’m waiting with bated breath Voyeurs…..

Pixie x



Beyonce Channels Flashdance For ELLE


Following on from her Ivy Park active wear brand announcement last week, Beyonce is covering both the UK and US versions of ELLE magazine (wearing Ivy Park, natch) and promoting the hell out of the brand.

Now this is a shameful post as I’m a sucker for a killer image and these are just that.


Let’s not forget, Beyonce has Ivy Park Collection 1 dropping April 14th and she has product to shift, but man, these images are good and if anyone can shift product, it’s Beyonce.

Taking inspiration from Flashdance with a modern twist and a focus on the sportswear, Bey lords it up to the max in this latest spread for ELLE magazine, and gives a rare in-depth interview about freedom, feminism, and how her latest foray into fashion helps women love their bodies and feel empowered.  With the images already causing a buzz on social media it looks like it’s had the desired effect - create a huge frenzy for Ivy Park and everything will work out.  And you know what Bey, it definitely will….

Pixie x

The May issue of ELLE magazine hits newsstands April 5th.