Black Friday 2016 at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic

Listen up Voyeurs, if you’re a beauty devotee then this Black Friday deal is one for you.  Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic are known for bringing pioneering new treatments to the centre of Newcastle and as a Decleor training centre for the North, they’re pretty damn good at their jobs.

Every Black Friday they come up with a series of offers tailored towards their most popular treatments and products at the time, and based on what you, the client, want and need as part of your beauty regime.  This year it’s bigger and better than offer and with deal stacking, it’s about get real over there.  Oh, did I mention that these deals run right through to Saturday November 26th?  So if you’re nursing a Black Friday hangover, you know exactly where to head on Saturday morning….


3D Lipo Med

So, here we go, first up, you already know about the 3D Lipo Med taster offer which runs until this Saturday, but if you’ve already tried it and would like to continue, then you might be interested in this:

 6 x sessions of 3D Lipo Med for just £599, that’ll save you £400 on the full list price.  Yes, it’s a pricey treatment and it requires some commitment, but it’s medically backed and if it’s something you were already considering, then this should make the deal even sweeter.

you can also add the optional Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing treatment at a discounted cost too, you can freeze one area for £200 or two for £300.  Again, a costly process but if you’re searching for treatments in this arena, you have to weigh up the downtime, with this there’s none.


Staple Beauty Treatments

If it’s regular beauty treatments you’re interested in, the stuff we do every week that make us feel human, then this one’s right up your street:

This deal works on anything classed as a beauty treatment, from an eyebrow wax or tint, right through to HydraFacial and Caci.  if you purchase 5 of the same treatment, you’ll be given 2 absolutely free. - If, like me, you tint your brows every fortnight then this is well worth a punt.


Decleor Products

If take home products are more your thing, then I’m sure you’ll be interested in this deal on Decleor products for home use.  The offer is simple:

Purchase 1 Decleor product & get 10% off

Purchase 2 & get 20% off

Purchase 3 & get 30% off

Purchase 4 or more & you’ll bag 30% off and a free gift.

The great thing about this particular deal is that is includes those amazing Decleor Christmas gift sets that Instyle magazine have been raving about.


Gift Cards

If you’re stuck for gift ideas and want to pamper somebody special, or, you want to take advantage of the Black Friday deals but have no idea where to start and don’t want to miss out, then gift vouchers just became your best friend:

Spend £50 on a gift card and receive an additional £5

spend £100 and receive an additional £10

(Gift cards are valid for 3 months from a date of your choosing)

So, now you’re armed with some awesome in clinic deals, go forth and beautify!

Pixie xo


Decleor Christmas Gifts at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic

Yup that’s right Voyeurs, I’m busting out the ‘C’ word already. Boom!  We’re in that transitional phase of the year between Summer and Fall where we find ourselves on the Christmas slide.  it’s not quite on our radar but we have those well known milestones of Halloween and Bonfire Night which let us know it’s not actually that far off….

So, if you’re thinking about prepping and you’re a beauty addict then this post might just float your boat.  You’re all familiar with Decleor right?  A skincare company with big beliefs rooted in Plant Power and natural botanicals to heal skin from the inside out.  IN a nutshell, Decleor make products with no added nasties, everything is natural and the upside is, it smells amazing.

Every Christmas Decleor unveil a range of seasonal beauty boxes just like most other brands, and the Christmas 2016 collection is the best yet!  With their biggest range yet, there’s likely to be something for everyone amongst this festive range of delights.

I was invited along to a special private preview evening at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic to see the full collection in all its glory and man is it good.  Most Decleor stockists will have the Advent Calendar but Newcastle Hair and Beauty, as the official Decleor Training Academy are the only stockist outside of London to carry the full range.  so what’s in it?  Good question……


  • First up:  The Decleor Advent Calendar.  £60.00 You may have already seen this in Red and Stylist magazine as one of the top picks for this Christmas.  We think it’s the perfect way to see in Christmas and with 2 full size products, 19 face products and 6 body solutions, you can guarantee amazing skin by the time Christmas and New Year roll around.


  • Neroli Scented Candle: This one is a real treat for the senses and perfect for creating a chic and cosy atmosphere during the festive season at £25.00 it’s a steal!14390966_10153759450667026_1682249943427104762_n.jpg
  • Surprise Christmas Bauble with intense Nutrition Lip Balm:  This has to be one of our favourites!  super nourishing for the lips during the Winter season and smells divine!  A perfect gift, if you can manage to part with it!


  • Decadent Christmas Cracker with Nourishing Hand Cream:  Another lovely small gift with an excellent price point, or as something different we recommend adding these to your Christmas table as a luxurious gift for guests.



  • Merry Oils Gift Box: £89.90 Purify, nourish, enjoy. This hand picked selection of luxurious oils is the total Christmas indulgence. ideal for head to toe pampering as a treat for yourself or a gift to someone else.
    Box includes:
    - Aroma Cleanse, Micellar Oil, 150ml
    - Aroma Nutrition, Satin Softening Dry Oil, 15ml
    - 1000 Grain Body Exfoliator, 50ml
    - Aromessence Néroli, Hydrating Night Balm, 15ml


  • Fabulously Smooth Gift box: £52.00 The perfect gift for a skincare fan.  Designed to leave skin looking youthful and fresh.  With some of our hero products and top skincare tips hidden inside, Fabulously Smooth will leave skin feeling soft and revitalised.
    Box includes:
    - Aroma Lisse, Energising Smoothing Cream, 50ml
    - Aromessence Mandarine, Smoothing Oil Serum, 5 ml
    - Phytopeel, Smooth Exfoliating Cream, 50ml


  • Calm Headspace Gift Box:  £48.00 We know that delicate skin needs particular attention. This Christmas treat skin to a total pampering session with some of our greatest soothing and moisturising products to leave you feeling silky and smooth, head to toe.
    Box includes:
    - Aroma Confort, Moisturizing Body Milk, 100 ml
    - Aromessence Rose d’Orient, Soothing Oil Serum, 5 ml
    - Harmonie Calm, Soothing Light Cream, 50 ml


  • Wonder of Youth Gift Box:  £71.00 Featuring some of Decleor’s most iconic products. This is the perfect present for youthful looking skin and the ultimate in home pampering.
    box includes:
    - Prolagène Lift, Lift & Firm Eye Care, 15ml
    - Aroma Confort, Moisturising Body Milk, 50ml
    - Aromessence Iris, Rejuvenating Oil Serum, 5ml


  • Beauty Power Nap Gift Box:  £45.00 Short nights, late dinners, jetlag. Survive this year’s party season with Decléor’s Beauty Powernap.  Skin appears fresh and awakened with  hero products and beauty secrets.  The perfect antidote to the party season!
    Box includes:
    - Aroma Cleanse, 3 in 1 Hydra Radiance Smoothing & Cleansing Foam, 50 ml
    - Aurabsolu, Intense Glow Awakening Cream, 30 ml
    - Aromessence Néroli, Hydrating Oil Serum, 15 ml


With all this concentrated goodness I don’t think I could choose just one but my top pick from this lovely lot is definitely the Neroli Candle - a scent that’s just amazing, I’ll be buying these in bulk (they’re only available as part of the Christmas Collection), the Lip Balm Bauble, and of course, the amazing Advent Calendar because how could you not?!

Pixie xo




Decleor HydraFloral Anti Pollution Active Lotion: Tried & Tested

I was asked by Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic to mix things up a little this month and instead of the usual treatment review, to take a salon product, try it out at home and then report back with my findings; a good, solid, tried and tested review so that you Voyeurs, can make an informed decision before you buy.  This is something I’ll be doing more of in the coming months.

This month’s Beauty Product On Trial is the amazing Decleor HydraFloral Anti Pollution Active Lotion.  A tricky product to define and a tongue twister to say, it’s a moisturiser with a big difference; when dispensed, it’s a clear fluid, similar to a toner and when applied to the skin it drip feeds the skin essential moisture throughout the day as required to keep skin in tip top condition.

“Enriched with Moringa Olifeira extract providing protection against pollution particles, it reveals a beautiful skin texture. Skin feels plumped, with dehydration lines appearing smoothed. Skin glows and feels fresh.”   Decleor 

In short, it’s a revelation, a wonder product, a bathroom essential!  As we know daily stress and pollution take their toll on our skin and can cause dehydration and other visible skin defects, Decleor Anti Pollution Active Lotion combines the freshness of a cosmetic water with the hydration power of a cream delivering continuous hydration, trust me, I’ve used it and I’m a convert!

I recently came back from vacation with flaky, congested skin from dehydration, changes in temperature, and using sunscreen.  I had one Microdermabrasion Facial at Newcastle Hair & Beauty and followed this with Decleor’s latest addition to the HydraFloral range.

Skeptical at first after seeing the consistency of the product, I kept the faith and used it twice per day for three weeks on my face and neck.  Decleor advise “Apply 2-3 drops into your hands (no cotton pad needed) and massage into a cleansed face and neck” sounds easy right?  In an age where we use space age serums followed by moisturisers with SPF and oils it really is, That. Simple.

On a morning I’d ‘pat’ it in to my skin which felt immediately hydrated and ‘springy’.  On an evening I’d apply the water-like lotion and let it soak into my skin and then “seal” it in with my usual facial oil and my skin improved dramatically within just four days.  It’s light and doesn’t clog pores, (I wish I’d had it before I went on vacation!) and it really feels like skincare stripped right back to the basics.  Fresh, easy and effective; just how skincare should be.

Want to try it out for yourself?  Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic will have Decleor HydraFloral Anti Pollution Lotion as their Product On Trial in the salon, pop in and give it a go with no obligation but be prepared to be hooked, this one’s a doozie….

Pixie xo

Decleor HydraFloral Anti Pollution Active Lotion 100ml £40



Decleor Aroma Blend Transformation Ritual

When I was invited by Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic to road test the brand new Aroma Blend body treatment from Decleor, I said yes without hesitation, and also without really knowing what it was…

Decleor are well renowned for their ‘plant power’; their awesome oils and botanicals feed the mind as well as the skin and the scents from their home use products are divine, it didn’t take a lot to know I’d be in for a treat.  It turns out that the Aroma Blend treatment is a brand new and bespoke treatment which will be added to the Decleor Signature Collection.  Sound a little hazy?  Let me explain….

Billed as a Transformative Ritual rather than a standard treatment, Aroma Blend is Decleor’s foray into the private blend market.  By working with each client to assess their needs and expectations, a tailored blend of oils is created and mixed, and used with a specific set of massage movements and rituals over your entire body.  This isn’t your average Full Body Massage however, so I headed off to the clinic to find out more.

I arrived at the clinic and was greeted by Danielle, a self proclaimed Massage Enthusiast.  Having trained and worked in spas all over the North East, she’s now firmly rooted at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic and is loving being in the city centre.  She tells me that massage is her absolute favourite treatment to deliver so I know that I’m in good hands.

Danielle begins by telling me a little about the treatment and what it aims to achieve; there are four professional rituals to help with firmness, slimness, revitalising legs and flatten the stomach, each with four key benefits: firming, sculpting, stimulating and drainage.  The results according to Decleor?  Emotions are balanced, and body durably remodelled. 

Danielle asks me a series of questions and marks the responses on a client card, she tells me that these answers will advise how my particular Aroma Blend fusion should be created.  We decide to go for something energising rather than relaxing, and in terms of the massage movements used, we decide to use Refining, rather than Firming.  It’s all very prescriptive.

The massage movements themselves are very different to what you might be used to, There’s light ‘pinching’, standard muscle manipulation and pressure point release in addition to the standard effleurage and petrissage you’ve come to expect from your regular massage.  There’s also a lot more hands on and off the body rather than constant contact and a lot less product is used.  This means that rather than gliding effortlessly over slick skin, the treatment is more friction focussed and I find that I quite like this, particularly on my tired legs.

I should explain that the night before I had this treatment, I fought in a big exhibition boxing match for charity so my body was craving some sort of muscle focussed attention.  Normally I find to pretty difficult to switch off and relax but with this treatment, it happened voluntarily, the quick, sporadic movements seemed to confuse my brain into switching off entirely and I found that my muscles were receptive to the treatment, I definitely sat up afterwards feeling a lot more relaxed than I was expecting.

The ritual is absolutely a full body treatment, even the tummy area is massaged and there are breathing exercises to go along with this part of the treatment.  Sound daunting?  It really isn’t and it’s pretty effective.  The movements have been tailored to aid digestive transit and without going too in-depth, you can literally feel it working.  Fingers and toes are manipulated to stretch out the joints and your back is heated using friction before being stretched at the base of the spine, it’s a peculiar, but effective treatment and one that you have to try out to know whether it’s for you.

Personally, I enjoyed it.  I love massage, I suffer from chronic Fibromyalgia, have early onset arthritis in my right shoulder and I’m a boxer so with all of that thrown into the mix, massage is like therapy for me and it’s something my body responds to, and craves.  For me, if it delays surgery then I’m in, it’s an absolute no-brainer.  If you’re a person who enjoys massage type treatments then it could swing either way for you - if you like constant contact and long sweeping strokes then alas, this might not be the treatment for you.  But if you’re open to something new and innovative, love divine scents and are willing to put your reservations to one side, then book in, try it out and let me know how you feel afterwards.

It’s a treatment which is very new to the market, in fact, there aren’t that many Decleor salons offering it, certainly not in the North East, but I think that it’s something that will become a staple treatment for the brand.  They’re known for moving with the times, bringing new and innovative techniques to the beauty world and this is one such treatment.  Get booked in Voyeurs and give it a go.

Pixie x

Decleor Aroma Blend is £30 for one area or £60 for a full body treatment.

Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic is at 52 Northumberland Street, Newcastle, NE1 7DF.  To book call 0191 232 2800 or email



Decleor Time Precious Facial

If you’re a time starved beauty freak who loves a discount or an exclusive offer then I’ve got something that you’re going to LOVE…..

You’ll know by now that Decleor are one of the leading innovators in aromatherapy skincare and have been for over forty years, what you might not know is just how accessible it is on the high street.  With a huge range of products and treatments to choose from, Decleor is trusted by the world’s best beauty professionals, offering specialist products and exclusive massage techniques and treatments to deliver the ultimate in skincare results and professional care.

Combining nature’s purest and most potent active ingredients, Decleor scientifically selects and masterfully blends premium essential oils to deliver for each skin need, targeted and proven skincare solutions. Understanding that beauty and well-being are intrinsically linked, Decleor offers a unique sensorial experience that visibly enhances the skin’s natural health and radiance.

We all know a facial, if delivered well, is a relaxing experience that not only boosts skin radiance, but also gives your sense of wellbeing a kick up the backside and Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic on Northumberland Street are famed for both their facials, and their knowledge and expertise of Decleor products - in fact, they house the North East’s only Decleor Training Academy on their third floor.

Anyway, getting back to all of you time poor beauty lovers out there…..

Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic are offering Voyeurs a corker of a deal on the Decleor Time Precious Facial.  Basically this facial does exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a slimmed down version of the regular Decleor facial crammed into 30 minutes meaning that you can fit it in on your lunch break or whilst you’re out shopping, and here’s the best part, there’s no redness or irritation afterwards, just fresh, radiant, luminous skin.  So for £30 you get a facial from a brand and a beauty clinic you can trust and it’s great as an introductory facial too if you’re not familiar with the range.

Actually, if you thought that bit was good you’re going to really love this, if you book a Decleor Time Precious Facial at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic with Danielle on Thursday 14th or Friday 15th April the £30 cost of the facial is redeemable against any Decleor products from the range.   So to put it in perspective, If you buy two products you’re effectively making the facial free and we all love a freebie!

If you’re thinking about trying Decleor for the first time, or if you’re already a fan of the brand, there’s no better time to book a facial as you’ll be taking home two salon quality products, with a facial thrown in for good measure.

I had one today and my skin looks and feels amazing so if you see me and I’m glowing, you know why!

Pixie x

To book a Decleor Time Precious Facial click here





Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 19.04.29

Pamper Package from Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic

As usual Newcastle Hair and beauty Clinic have come up with a combined package that it’ll be hard to resist.  This time it’s three treatments from a simple menu for a grand total of £50 and with ten treatments to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice.

Top of my list are the Crystal Clear Facial, the Decleir Aurabsolu Power Boost Facial (smells divine!) and a back massage but with beauty essentials on there like leg / bikini waxing and brow / lash tinting, there literally is something for everyone.

See you there!

Pixie x

To book visit Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic or call 0191 2322800


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.11.59

Christmas offers at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic

Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic have a great offer on to get you ready for Christmas.  Whether it’s a Christmas party or a festive trip to visit family, in terms of beauty needs, these gals have got you covered.

The latest offer is a doozy; choose three treatments from a festive menu and pay only £50.  Considering the menu includes Party Lashes and St. Tropez Tan, it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Running short on time?  Throughout December Newcastle Hair and Beauty clinic will be opening their doors on Sundays to get you ready for the festive season - so what are you waiting for?!

To book your appointment call 0101 2320411.

Pixie x


Decleor Red Island Exfoliating Ritual

As you know, I’m working with Decleor Red Island Exfoliating Ritual and just the name has me intrigued. So, here comes the science:

“The Red Island Exfoliating Ritual is an exfoliation and massage combined into one exotic body treatment. Inspired by the magical island of Madagascar, powdered Fruit Seeds of Orange and Apricot plus Essential Oils and Spices are used to polish and perfect skin, leaving it in supreme condition. A delightfully relaxing massage with warm aromatherapy oils then allows your therapist to focus on any areas of tension and stress, re-energising and restoring vitality for skin that’s beautifully nourished and exceptionally soft all over.”

Sound interesting? You’re damn right it does! I’m no stranger to an exfoliating treatment, in fact, I’m a huge fan. I know they can be messy and you can be left with those messy grains on your skin long after you’re dried and back in your clothes but the effect on your skin afterwards is so worth it. I exfoliate regularly at home and that’s great, but for me that’s more of a ‘maintenance treatment’.  Salon products are just so much better than off the shelf products bought at a drugstore or supermarket, and more importantly, they’re usually all natural and that’s certainly the case with Decleor.  Famed for their use of high quality essential oil blends and fruit products, each chosen for their respective properties to treat and ensure optimal affinity with the skin. The Red Island Ritual is an exfoliation treatment with a difference - after skin has been buffed, you’re treated to a relaxing massage using Decleor’s decadent balms and an acacia wood massage tool to ease away tension. How’s that for a bonus?

I arrive at Newcastle Beauty Clinic on a gorgeous sunny day looking forward to this treatment and as I’m undressing, it dawns on me that the salon doesn’t have a shower…

My Therapist for the afternoon is Kayleigh, bright and cheerful, Kayleigh is a pro. She’s worked in the beauty industry forever but has only been with Newcastle Hair and Beauty clinic for around four months. She’s a keen practitioner and it’s easy to see that she loves her job. There’s a moment when I’m so fixated on the shower issue that I forget whether she tells me to lie on the bed face up or down and when she re-enters the room , yep, you guessed it, I’m the wrong way up….

Down to business. Kayleigh mixes up some Decleor balm with powdered fruit seeds and the resulting compound smells divine, she massages the scrub mix over my skin in long strokes ensuring that all of the skin is covered.  Once each area is suitably exfoliated, the grains are simply brushed away. that’s my shower equation answered - There’s no need for showers or bowls of water, the seeds separate from the solution leaving the balm to do its work and skin is left smooth and grain free. Also, because the grains themselves are made up of powdered fruit seeds, there’s none of the scratchiness sometimes associated with store bought exfoliators.


Once I’m scrubbed and buffed all over, my canvas is ready for phase 2.  Kayleigh tells me that she’ll be using Decleor’s famous oils and a Decleor bespoke acacia wood massage tool. She goes on to tell me that Madagascar is intrinsic to this treatment; the fruit seeds are sourced there and the tools are handmade by locals.  Decleor plough a percentage of their profits back into the Republic for sustainability and independence.


The lights are dimmed further and Kayleigh begins the massage using the tool systematically down each side of my spine tapping carefully to the side of each vertebrae cluster. She moves my arm to lift my scapula and works to release tension in the shoulder area.  It’s certainly more of a relaxing and unwinding treatment than an invigorating sports massage and would be perfect at the end of a long day.  The tool is used all over, not just on the back and shoulders and it glides over the freshly buffed skin with ease.  Once the hour long treatment is complete, I’m given a glass of water to rehydrate and then I’m on my way.

The verdict? This is much more than a simple exfoliating treatment, the clue is in the name; it’s a ritual and it’s just as exotic as it sounds.  Skin is left glowing and smelling amazing afterwards, and the massage feels like an added bonus, it’s not often you hear the words ‘relaxing’ and ‘exfoliating’ in the same sentence.  The fact that this treatment can be administered without water and isn’t sticky is a huge draw, there’s no picking grains off your skin and clothes hours later and skin feels clean and hydrated.  If you’re prepping for a wedding or a big event, this is a great treatment to have the evening before and is bound to ensure you get a good nights sleep dreaming of the Madagascan coastline….. zzzz

Pixie x

The Decleor Red Island Exfoliating Ritual is brand new to Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic and is on offer at the introductory price of £45 (usually £60) for a limited time.  To book call 0191 232 2800


Decleor Aromaplastie Facial with Vital Eyes

Nestled in the heart of bustling Northumberland Street is hidden gem Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic, a place that has stood strong for twenty three years and has weathered the storm of recession.  Part of the genetic make up of the city, to this day, the clinic is still treating the original clients who walked through the doors twenty three years ago.

The reason I’m here today?  The Decleor Aromaplastie Facial treatment with Vital Eyes.  Aromaplastie is Decleor’s staple facial, it’s basic but powerful and gives immediate results.  With several steps to the process, including a deep cleanse, this facial includes Decleor’s unique wheatgerm, sunflower and linseed mask which stimulates and enhances the rejuvenating action of the treatment.  Decleor claim that skin is deeply hydrated after this treatment and visible radiance is restored.

When I arrive at the clinic I’m greeted by Alex and asked to complete a Client Card which aims to inform the Therapist of your personal areas of concerns and any other issues you might have.  We make our way through to a large treatment room and Alex talks me through how the treatment works, surprisingly it starts with a relaxing back massage.  I’m left to undress and assume the position and just as Alex re-enters the room I realise I’m supposed to be lying under the blanket, not on top of it and we’re both in hysterics.

Once I’m sorted out we get down to the treatment.  Alex explains that the back massage is a Decleor signature and it’s used as a diagnostic measure to allow the Therapist to identify areas emitting heat which then correspond to facial areas which may be prone to skin concerns.  Interesting stuff right?  The massage is fantastic and the scent of the oils divine, one of the really great things about Decleor is that it’s all natural and with the scent of neroli drifting through the room I imagine myself soaking up the sun on the Amalfi Coast.  Alex pops my feet into some treatment socks and leaves them to work their magic.

The facial treatment starts with a double cleanse and tone to ensure a clean base, before moving on to Aromapressure and Aromadrainage, a sequence exclusive to Decleor trained Therapists, this involves the application of combined aromatic oils with gentle pressure to kickstart the skin’s turnover and rejuvenate the face.  Next comes the interesting bit: Alex tells me that the mask she’s about to apply is made up of wheatgerm, sunflower and linseed and that although it smells more like food than a traditional beauty product, this is because it’s all natural with no added fragrance or chemicals.  She assures me that the mask is amazing and to just relax and let it do its thing.  Unusually, this product covers both your eyes and mouth unlike a traditional mask and it’s warm when applied.  Alex covers my face with a thin layer of gauze which she tells me will prevent the poultice from entering my eyes or mouth and starts to apply it generously constantly checking whether I’m comfortable and whether the temperature is ok.  As she spreads the Weetabix like mask over my eye area there’s a distinct warming sensation and my eyes feel instantly relaxed.  Once I’m completely covered, she tells me she’s going to massage my feet.  I try to imagine what I must look like lying there with a face covered in Weetabix and let out a little giggle.

IMG_4728 (1) Aromaplastie-Web-300x225

Alex advises that whilst a one-off treatment is great as a relaxing treat or to rejuvenate skin for an event, the real difference comes if you maintain the process and work with your Therapist to agree a short course of these treatments.

Once the mask has cooled, Alex peels back the gauze and applies the Vital Eyes treatment.  This treatment claims to be one of the best on the market for tired, puffy eyes and Decleor say:

“Delicately nurturing the most sensitive and delicate part of the face, this specialised treatment is fatigue-fighting, moisture quenching and wrinkle erasing. Decleor’s unique toning eye technique stimulates micro-circulation and encourages cell renewal while an intensively repairing, anti-ageing eye mask also decongests and de-puffs. Leaves even contact lens wearers, hay fever sufferers and smokers with a dramatically brighter, younger looking eye zone.”

Given that I get very little sleep, (seriously, those who know me well will know that I’m lucky if sleep around three hours per night), I was very keen to see whether this lived up to the hype.  It’s certainly a very soothing treatment, eyes are instantly cooled and the area underneath feels drained and almost flatter and that’s before I’ve seen anything visible.  Alex covers me in a hydrating moisturiser which smells divine and brings me a glass of water, she tells me to sit up slowly and hands me a mirror….

My skin looks lighter, brighter and more hydrated than when I arrived.  Alex tells me that I have great skin to start with so the difference for me is less than for someone who may have real skin issues, or who has been poorly recently.  There’s a definite visible difference, especially to my eyes.  I’m so used to waking up with my eyes looking the same everyday that it’s actually a bit of a shock to see them look like this without make up, they’re definitely less puffy but the real difference is in the colour of the skin underneath.  Smooth and fair, the improvement is huge.  If you have an event or wedding coming up or you just want to recover after a long day then this is absolutely a treatment to put at the top of your list.  Whether or not it’s the placebo effect because of what I’ve just seen in the mirror, I leave the clinic with a Spring in my step and feel far more than I usually would on a rainy Tuesday morning.

With the inclusion of the back massage and the foot treatment, this almost feels like a full body treatment and it’s super relaxing.  Taking around an hour and a half in total, it’s time well spent and is such a great way to unwind.

As for the facial, my skin is glowing.  At the end of the day when Sparky comes home, he tells me “You look nice” and that compounds the evidence of a visible enough difference for me.

Pixie x

Decleor Aromaplastie Facial treatment costs £48

Vital Eyes is available as a standalone treatment for £33 or as part of a facial treatment for £23

The addition of the foot treatment to accompany any other treatment is £7.50

To book an appointment at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic call: 0191 232 2800