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Voting Open for the 2017 UK Blog Awards!

Well Voyeurs, you did your awesome thang and I’m super proud to say that for the first year ever, I’M NOMINATED IN THE UK BLOG AWARDS!

The next stage is voting.  A shortlist has been compiled - I’m on it - and voting opened at 8am this morning.  The voting process is exactly as it should be; quick, easy and with minimal fuss.  It takes less than a minute and I promise to love you forever if you take that one minute to vote for me in the Fashion and Beauty category.  You can do so by clicking HERE or by using the long link at the bottom of the page, you know if you wanna share it and garner me a few extra votes *wink wink*.

Obviously I want to say a huge, big, massive thank-you to you guys, my Voyeurs.  Without you there wouldn’t be a nomination, or a place on the shortlist and I appreciate every single one of you.  You stick by me when things are rough, you connect with me and share my posts via social media and you make me smile with your comments and emails, especially the ones about my outfits!

Guys, you’re awesome, now stop reading and go vote in your droves….

Pixie xo



Fashion Voyeur: From Nothing to Something

Well Voyeurs, a little while back I told you that I was being interviewed for North East web publication Click here for a recap).

I met up with Deputy Editor Alysha Stirling and we chatted for hours and hours about all things Fashion Voyeur.  From the best things about the North East and its famous exports (Hello Sophie Gradon) through to Fashion Week and my favourite designers (Hello Tom Ford and Vin + Omi)

If you’re interested in finding out a little more about me, after all, you know I play my cards close to my chest when it comes to talking about myself, then head here to see the full interview - although probably not the full three hours.

I sort of remember having a single conscious thought about trying to not say anything too controversial but can’t quite remember whether or not I succeeded, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Let me know what you think, or you know, don’t….

Also, thanks to Photographer Chris Ord for the awesome lead image for the piece.

Pixie xo



VANCOUVER, BC - SEPTEMBER 23:  A model walks the runway wearing ALEX S. YU at Vancouver Fashion week on September 23, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.  (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC)

Key Micro Trends from Vancouver Fashion Week

The 28th consecutive season of outsider Vancouver Fashion Week only just finished and six key trends appeared from what is considered one of the world’s top gateway fashion weeks.

Our very own Monarchs Prince William and Kate Middleton were in the host city during VFW, obvs they didn’t attend the shows, however the FROW was notably  celeb packed, cementing VFW as a fashion fringe event to pay close attention to.


Silver appeared in several collections with Alex S. Yu, Evan Clayton, JKline and Maryam Niyazi all giving SS17 a silver spin on dresses, jackets and separates.


We al know that the 90s were the best era for both fashion and music and that trend shows no sign of abating,  90s rave influenced a handful of collections including Angus Chiang, Balaclava, Lillz Killz and Naovoe. Acid colours, playful shapes and attitude in abundance moved this trend from the fringe to the frow.


Texture clashing was prevalent across multiple designer shows – plastic pailettes, leather, metal, faux fur and cotton was combined, layered, juxtaposed and manipulated to create awesome contemporary looks.  With Alex S. Yu, Clio Page, HUY-HUY and Moon Choi leading the charge.


Simplicity came in the form of purest white – swing dresses, shirts and daywear gave a nod to purity.  With Vestige Story, TKC Design, GH by German Hernandez and Zi Xia leading the pack on all things pure and simple.


Pale pink was elevated from girly to focal and ended up in an array of collections as an accent colour or focal hue. Alogon, INSOMNIA, Angus Chiang and JKline pinked up their palettes to perfection and remember the golden rule, on Wednesdays, we wear pink….


Ruffles, if ever a trend was created with Lawrence llewelyn-Bowen, this is it.  Solid hues, patterns and a deconstructed shirt saw ruffles taking centre stage and not small, understated ruffles, these were super sized and in your face, made to be seen ruffles.   Hannah Vanderveen, Moon Choi, Alex S. Yu and Nuska added one of fashion’s oldest embellishments to their spring/summer collections.

With another Fashion Month over we’ve been moderately treated to a variety of new trends and even in some cases a new way of buying.  With a relatively underwhelming start to show season (mentioning no names NYFW), London came through with the lift we needed.  After Scout, MFW and PFW, Vancouver has given us a whole host of micro trends to play with and I might not even wait until spring to get started…

Pixie xo



NYFW SS17 Show Schedule

Show season is almost upon us Voyeurs with only 19 days until NYFW begins and SS17 brings with it some changes, and a whole lot of excitement.  Having separated from Mercedes Benz entirely, NYFW has a lot more freedom in terms of scheduling and ultimately, streaming.  SS17 sees a big shift in delivery and NYFW will open more shows than ever before to the public, something they’ve not really done in a big way, and also there’ll be more live and post show streaming than we’ve typically seen in the past.  So Voyeurs, get ready to get involved….

Here’s your NYFW SS17 show schedule for September 2016, obviously as always, this is subject to change.  You’ll notice that Tom Ford is making an epic return to show season in New York and on opening day no less, one addition since the show schedule was published is Yeezy Season 4 which will also show on opening day.

So, armed with your NYFW SS17 show schedule and the Fashion Voyeur guide to pronunciation, I’d say you’re set for the first quarter of Fashion Month, be sure to check back for show updates, pictures and of course LFW SS17 as your next installment.

See you on the Frow!

Pixie x


The Perfect Blowout at Glam Squad Express

The arrival of Glam Squad Express has caused quite a stir in Newcastle and the place isn’t even officially open yet, well, it is, but it isn’t…..

If you’re not already familiar, Glam Squad Express is a Collective, a team of professionals skilled in the art of make-up, hair and nails.  Think Kardashian and you’re on the right track, Kim regularly credits her #GlamSquad for her signature make-up look and Killer Kontour and says she won’t travel without them.  Well folks, that’s exactly the idea behind  Glam Squad Express, a one stop shop to get you event ready in a flash, Kardashian style, and with appointments available late into the evening, this is one place that should absolutely be on your radar.

With the official launch of Glam Squad Express still a month away, the team are using their time to upskill and perfect their techniques and this weekend was all about the signature blowout.  With the help of two of the UK’s top Hair Stylists from Urban Retreat, Harrods, the team were treated to a masterclass in creating and mastering the perfect bouncy blowout.

David Fletcher (Fletch) and Tracey Jones from Urban Retreat, Harrods, bring with them a wealth of experience, having worked with everyone from Ashley Roberts and Abbey Crouch to Frankie bridge and Kelly Brook, their list of credentials is endlessly impressive, and with extensive Fashion Month and TV styling experience, who better to learn from, right?

Glam Squad Express Stylists Rachael and Rebecca were given an intensive, hands on  Blowout Masterclass, with models brought in from local agency Tyne Tees Models, the reigning Miss Newcastle and reality TV stars from hit MTV series Geordie Shore, (with gorgeous Geordie Shore star Chantelle Connolly crediting it as the best blow-dry she’s ever had) the girls were taught to recreate the perfect bouncy blowout requested so often in salons up and down the country.

Fletch tells me that the perfect blow-dry is for anyone.  Absolutely any hair length, from a short crop or a sharp bob through to long, Kardashian-esque locks, there’s a perfect blowout for you, and the principles are the same.  He goes on to say “It’s not about creating volume, it’s about getting a lift, yes, but it’s also about making the top heavy so the hair sits closer to the head and the wave is through the ends, that’s what makes it natural, sexy and less styled”

So if you have shorter hair, like me (not through choice) and you thought this wasn’t something you could tap into, then this should be music to your ears.  Don’t believe me?  How about some visual evidence….

Convinced and want a piece of the action?  Then you’d better get yourself booked in with the newly upskilled #GlamSquad!  For the month of April and up until the official launch, Glam Squad Express are running a special introductory offer, £35 for both hair and makeup in one appointment.  That’s right Voyeurs, you can kick back with a glass of fizz while your own personal Glam Squad work their magic on you; take in a movie on their big screen TV, catch up on emails or whatever takes your fancy.  I did exactly that this weekend and channelled my inner Khloe Kardashian.  To book click here.

Pixie x

Next up for the Glam Squad……… Braids!

Glam Squad Express can be found at 68 Jesmond Road West, Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE2 4PQ, right around the corner from the Civic Centre. 




Style Awards 2016

Nominations for the 2016 Style Awards are now open and my dear Voyeurs, I’d love it if you’d spare two minutes of your fabulous lives to vote for me in the Most Stylish Blogger category (natch).

The Style Awards 2016 are hosted by Sun FM and The Bridges and there are a grand total of 16 categories spanning retail and style in the North East.

To nominate moi, all you have to do is visit the site at Sun FM and fill in a super short form, the criteria for the category is that the Blogger must be stylish (obvs.), on trend and engaging.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my “Most Badass Blogger” title and my recent initiation into the NE Twitterati, but “Most Stylish Blogger” would compliment them beautifully.  So get nominating Voyeurs, I’m counting on you!

Pixie x

All nominations must be made by Sunday 28th February 2016 by midnight. All entries received after this time won’t be included. The three or four nominees that receive the most nominations will be selected as the finalists. Finalists will be contacted via email on Friday 4th April 2016 .​ Multiple nominations or votes from the same email or IP address will be counted as one.


It’s My Birthday!

Well Voyeurs, we’ve reached that time of year again - IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

I woke up this morning super excited about my birthday, the very same feeling I had growing up as each birthday rolled around, it’s never diminished and for me, it still feels like a real special occasion.

So today I’m going to wear breton stripes and Links of London silver skull earrings (thanks Sparky) and revel in being the centre of attention.  Then I’ll eat cake and shop - because that’s just how I roll.

So Voyeurs, I bid you adieu for today - BECAUSE IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Ha!

Have a great day whatever you’re up to…

Pixie x


British Fashion Awards to honour Karl Lagerfeld

The Outstanding Achievement Award will be presented to Karl Lagerfeld at the British Fashion Awards on November 23rd 2015. The white haired designer will be honoured at the ceremony, which will take place at London’s Coliseum, for his unrivalled contribution to the fashion industry over the years.

For over fifty years Karl Lagerfeld has remained a formidable force in the fashion industry and has taken the helm of numerous iconic houses - including Chloe, Fendi and Chanel (obvs).  Never one to shy away from hard work, Kaiser Karl has juggled many successful careers as an award winning photographer, publisher and art director alongside his numerous design undertakings.


Obviously It’s his work at Chanel for which he is most recognised and applauded.  A tenure of over thirty years has seen Lagerfeld’s unique vision transform the classic French house into a force majeur and one held in high esteem by any fashionista worth her Manolo’s.   A vision that extends beyond the atelier, Lagerfeld’s influence has helped launch numerous supermodel careers, has redefined fashion advertising and laid down the blueprint of how to revive a fashion brand – revolutionising the industry in the process.

A titan of the industry, Chanel under Lagerfeld’s guidance continues to push the boundaries of expectation in fashion. Setting a precedent with his awe-inspiring, globe-trotting runway shows, Karl Lagerfeld’s visionary genius has kept him at the forefront of contemporary culture for decades.

Natalie Massenet MBE commented: “Karl Lagerfeld defines outstanding. He is the champion of excellence, the master of the exceptional and one of the most iconic figures globally from our industry. His life’s work for his own and so many extraordinary brands has written the language of fashion. He is the ultimate visionary and we celebrate not only the decades already passed but those yet to happen. In Karl’s hands the future of fashion will be an exceptional one.”

For me, this has been a long time coming; no other house puts on a runway show like Chanel, Lagerfeld takes a culturally relevant theme with each new season and runs with it, literally until the legs fall off.  A modern visionary at 82 years old - I salute you Kaiser Karl, as do the British Fashion Council.

Pixie x

Fashion Voyeur by Pixie Tenenbaum

Coming Soon……

Well, it’s finally official, Fashion Voyeur will soon be moving to a shiny new home in the form of

So many of you are messaging me to ask what projects I’m working on, for recommendations and just to ask general questions about what’s going on in the fashion world, it seemed like the right time to go back to a self hosted domain so that I can interact with you more and ultimately, share more with you.

Some of my original followers will know that I used to blog from a self hosted domain called Pixie in Blue Jeans before setting up Fashion Voyeur to showcase the amazing fashion events I’m lucky enough to be invited to and the designers I’m working with.

The new Fashion Voyeur site will include all of the older posts from the current site in an archive so you’ll be able to refer back whenever you feel the need!

So here’s your chance to be involved, if there’s anything you’d like to see on the new site then get amongst it and email me at I’d love to hear from you! Stay tuned for updates on the go live date!

Pixie x