London Fashion Week SS17

If there’s one Fashion Week that’s associated with new talent and a passion for supporting the underdog, it’s London Fashion Week; and with the likes of Prophetik, Gareth Pugh and Mulberry all showing strong collections, it looks like the bar is set to keep on rising.

I’m headed to London SUPER early in the morning for three jam packed days of shows and events and a special something from one of my all time favourite designers (more on that later).

Stay tuned Voyeurs, after a very mediocre NYFW, I’m predicting big things from London.  BIG things….

Pixie xo



Prophetik presents Nevermore: SS17

London Fashion Week.  The most urban and exciting of all Fashion Weeks and definitely the one most likely to show and breed hot new talent in the fashion industry.  A hotbed for creativity, London is home to some of the best designers in the world, some of whom manage to fly under the radar of most non-fashion folk - Fuggles if you will…


Step forward Prophetik.  An uber cool brand founded by award-winning designer, Jeff Garner in Tennessee, USA, Prophetik is the sartorial result of Garner’s take on visual art, blended with his  pioneering stance on sustainability. Garner was designated as one of 40 top artists in America, resulting in his work being exhibited in one of the world’s most famous museums, The Smithsonian.

With sustainability at the core of the brand, Prophetik is the fashion label you never knew you knew.  Garner has dressed Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Gisele Bundchen, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz, Livia Firth, Julia Stiles, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kings of Leon; and he has reached into the technological sphere, partnering with Apple and Griffin to create sustainable iPhone cases, which were revealed on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, where Cara Delevingne both opened and closed the show.

Spring forward to today, day 2 of LFW and Garner is back in a big way with his SS17 offering: Nevermore, which took place at the Tower of London.  If the venue conjures up images of gothic romance then you’re definitely on the right track.

Jeff Garner’s spring/summer show, under his label Prophetik, nods to love lost and the notion that in the depths of a shadowy, dark void, light is exposed and wisdom can be found.

Heritage set the foundation of Nevermore. An American archetype – descended from Yorkshire settlers and the Native American Cherokee – Garner and his family have been residing in the state of Tennessee for seven generations, dating back to the land grant from Lord Fairfax. Mary Crane, daughter of chief Whooping Crane of the Cherokee Nation in Tennessee was Garner’s great, great, great grandmother and looking back to this Native American ancestry and its traditional folklore, Garner examined the raven, which featured on this season’s invitation. The raven is a symbol of a light-bringer – one which gifts humanity with understanding and discernment holding the ideal of balance. On the contrary, pulling from the English side of his ancestry, in Celtic lore, the raven was the goddess of war and strife.

“The raven shows us how to go into the dark of our inner self and bring the light of our true self to healing and creation, cultivating renewal, recycling, and reflection.”  - Jeff Garner

Tradition and artisan craftsmanship collide, underwritten in Garner’s signature use of romantic shapes. Working with black and dark navy silhouettes, which he has steered away from in previous spring/summer collections, Nevermore borders on sombre with hints of whimsy and the ethereal. Black, naturally shed duck feathers symbolise raven feathers, while salmon sustainable leather, hemp silk, Tussah (peace silk), and hand-woven Dupioni appear, all of which are hand dyed with plant based hues at the Prophetik studio in Tennessee.

The show opened with Prophetik’s recently launched intimates collection followed by Prêt-à-Porter  and ending with Garner’s statement making ballgowns, designed around the theme of a gothic wedding.

With a live soundtrack provided by Suzy Amis Cameron and Dorado, the show was firmly rooted in Tennessee

“Nevermore is a remembrance and in honour to all of those who have loved and lost.”  - Jeff garner

A collection steeped in tradition, that sticks firmly to its own ethos of ethics and sustainable production while edging towards the dramatic, Prophetik might just be one to watch Voyeurs…

Pixie xo



“See Now, Buy Now” at NYFW

NYFW SS17 has come to a close and I’ve got to be honest Voyeurs, was a little underwhelming *sadface*.  There was a time that NYFW was regaled as the mother of all Fashion Weeks and the barometer for those that follow, but now?  Not so much, and I’m not the only Fashion Influencer to feel this way.


I was however, intrigued to hear that Tom Ford would be showing during NYFW this season after a last minute cancellation in February, albeit shunning the traditional and expected format and showing a “See Now, Buy Now” collection during the FW16 season (including cosmetics and skincare).  Let me explain -  The fashion industry is set up to make you feel that there are two seasons: Spring / Summer (SS) February to September,  and Fall / Winter (FW) October to March.  We all know that fashion is cyclical but the idea of funding these multi million dollar campaign is that after one season (6 months) a person will shun the current “trend” and move on to the next season, buying items from the next collection to tap into the next “trend”.  Since the first NYFW in 1943, this has always been the case and designers have shown a season ahead in order to allow time for manufacturing and creating garments to sell “on season.”  Hence, you see the FW collections in February / March and the SS collections in September / October.

With me so far?  Ok, now I’m going to scramble your brain a little more -  I am of course, assuming you don’t already know this, I’ve had a lot of emails over the last two weeks from Voyeurs asking what the difference between “on season” and “off season” shows is, and although I’ve replied to all of them, this might help a little and give you something to refer back to, or even share with your friends and future Voyeurs.

Ok, now you have a very basic concept of Fashion Week as a ‘thing’, let’s fast forward to 2014 - Blogging was becoming serious business for the fashion industry, with Conde Nast representing some of the biggest names at the time including Bryan Boy and Susie Lau and Bloggers were taking their place on the Frows of huge shows.  This is when came the shift; the difference between Blogs and traditional print media is that magazines are also cyclical, printing once per week or once per month meaning you have to wait for your fix, but Bloggers make it instant, with content produced immediately and shared immediately, readers, fans and followers get a glimpse of the collections in real time.  Sure, Fashion Editors of your favourite magazines have been doing this for years, but not everyone follows or even knows who these Fashion Editor are, Bloggers have become known, recognisable and now, marketable.

People often ask me about the difference between blogging and fashion journalism, as you know I do both and there’s one clear difference to me and that’s The Voice.  Let me break it down; when you buy a magazine, you buy a piece of journalism, a feature that someone has written about a topic they’ve been asked to write about, the account is factual, and delivers a point.  Sometimes, in the case of a column, there will be added elements of humour and sometimes not but when you’ve read it, you’ve left with more information than when you started.  Blogging however, is conversational.  Sure we’re sometimes paid to write features but ultimately a blogger writes about whatever they want, they have full creative control over their content and frequency of publication.  When I’m writing for you guys, I’m writing as I would talk, it’s light, it’s fun and it’s sometimes not politically correct but the only person accountable is me.  Remember, it’s immediate and when I’m showing you those covetable items from Fashion Week, they’re not available to view or buy for another six long months.  Got it?

Ok, where were we?  Ah yes, the shift in the fashion industry….

Sooooooo, in February 2015 Burberry announced that it would shift to a “See Now, Buy Now” format which sent ripples across the industry.  The naysayers gasped, saying it would never work and was a crazy idea, and anybody in fashion manufacturing quaked in their leather rider boots at the thought of prepping an entire saleable collection pre-runway show.


Basically the concept of “See Now, Buy Now” is simple: In September / October when an SS show would normally be shown, Burberry will show a season appropriate collection for FW, the season we’re actually in and the collection will be shoppable immediately.  Simples.  When Tom Ford announced plans to follow suit, people sat up and took notice.  Ford has the ability to pack out a show space like no other, the Grand Master of fashion with a legion of celebrity disciples so this idea must have legs, right?  Sure enough, this season alone Rebecca Minkoff and Vetements  have announced their intention to follow this model along with smaller labels.

Never one to sit quiet on a subject so prickly, Karl Lagerfeld proclaimed “Its a mess, the reality is that you have to give people the time to make their choice, to order the clothes or handbags, and to produce them beautifully so that editors can photograph them. If not, that’s the end of everything.”  Not a supporter of the See Now, Buy Now movement then eh Karl?


With huge slumps in sales, mega discounts offered in outlet malls and the rise of fast fashion and runway reproduction on the high street, it’s no secret or surprise that the luxury fashion houses have been hit hard.  With ‘micro trends’ (think glitter roots, perspex heels, fur slides) on the rise due to online influencers, we’re seeing a new mini trend every fortnight and as a result, the designers have become the outsiders.  Now that NYFW SS17 is over, it’s time for those fashion houses to take stock; Tom ford showed an awesome See Now Buy Now collection with a whole marketing campaign designed around the very concept.  Although Calvin Klein, didn’t show this season the brand plans to emerge in February under the creative leadership of ex-Dior front man Raf Simons, and Michael Kors has unveiled his plans to show See Now Buy Now in February.

It’s clear that there are huge and exciting changes afoot for the fashion industry and although NYFW SS17 has been mediocre as best, the most memorable shows of the season are the ones which adopted a See Now, Buy Now format (I’m looking at you Tom Ford).

Over to you London….

Pixie xo



Newcastle Skin Clinic Shortlisted for a Safety in Beauty Award

North East business woman and Newcastle Skin Clinic Aesthetic Nurse Luisa Scott has been nominated for the Nurse of the Year Diamond Award by the Safety in Beauty organisation.

The Safety in Beauty campaign seeks to:

Help, educate and empower consumers
Facilitate a better, safer, more transparent industry
Offer much-needed support
Give peace of mind to everyone seeking to improve their looks
The Safety in Beauty Campaign supports member of the public by allowing them limited FREE access to emotional, legal and medical advice and support. The campaign is run by voluntary supporters and professionals who do not receive any financial renumeration for the time and services that they generously give for the greater good of the campaign objectives.

Luisa began her Aesthetics career in Urban Retreat Medi-Spa in Harrods of London before returning to her home town of Newcastle to concentrate on opening a boutique aesthetics clinic to serve the people of the North East.  With the idea of bringing Harley Street to the North East, Newcastle Skin Clinic was set up offering aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers, skin peels and lip enhancements.

Luisa is known for her Signature Lip Augmentation procedure: ApocaLips and her loyal clients have coined the nickname Luisa Lips for this very reason.  With the cast of Geordie Shore as regular clients, Luisa has built a reputation for being a careful, conscientious practitioner who listens to the needs of her clients before guiding them through treatment.

With a loyal client base from all over the UK (and further afield), not just the North East, she is passionate about providing a quality service to her clients and is proud to be nominated for a Diamond Award.

“It was a complete surprise” Luisa said, “I wasn’t aware that I had been shortlisted until this week and had to call to confirm.”  Speaking about the Safety in Beauty Awards, Luisa said that they are of utmost importance to the aesthetics industry as they “give patients a voice and a place where they can seek out trusted and accurate advice.”  About her own nomination Luisa said that she is “honoured and humbled to be nominated for a Safety in Beauty Award, it’s recognition for good work and safe practice.”

Newcastle Skin Clinic is now in it’s second year of business and Luisa is showing no signs of slowing down.  With a second business, Glam Squad Express, a hair and make up studio which launched earlier this year Luisa tells us that in Newcastle it’s important to always look at what clients want and need and respond accordingly.

In her spare time, Luisa is  DJ and has worked in the hottest clubs from London to Ibiza and still dabbles now so it’s no surprise that Glam Squad Express have just launched their ‘Glam Night In‘ which Luisa tells me is a the perfect prelude to a night out in Newcastle.  Put simply, grab your Squad, turn up to have your hair and makeup done as you normally would but there’ll be  DJ spinning your favourite tunes and a champagne stocked fridge.  Sounds good right?


The Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards will take place July 2nd in Covent Garden, London at the annual White Party.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you Luisa!

Pixie xo



The Grooming Room at LC:M


The Grooming Room, sponsored by FARBLACK Limited, returns to London Collections: Men for Fall / Winter 2016. Taking over private members’ space, Century Club.  The Grooming Room will offer press, buyers and VIPs a secluded hub in which to relax and unwind in between shows. Discreetly hidden behind a door on Soho’s Shaftesbury Avenue and furnished Prohibition style throughout, the club is regularly billed as London’s best kept secret and will operate as an exclusive meeting spot for LC: M-goers.

Offering a range of complimentary treatments, free Wi-Fi and plenty of quiet areas for meetings, The Grooming Room is a space to browse through menswear brands, catch up on e-mails, indulge in beauty therapy, or enjoy a leisurely drink atop the venue’s expansive roof terrace.

The Grooming Room treatments will include hair and beard styling (obvs), facial treatments and mini manicures and pedicures.

The Grooming Room in partnership with Century Club is an eight-minute walk from the Hospital Club and will be open on January 9th and 10th 2016.  If you’re in Londres for LC:M, and you absolutely should be, be sure to check out The Grooming Room.

Pixie x

British Fashion Awards to honour Karl Lagerfeld

The Outstanding Achievement Award will be presented to Karl Lagerfeld at the British Fashion Awards on November 23rd 2015. The white haired designer will be honoured at the ceremony, which will take place at London’s Coliseum, for his unrivalled contribution to the fashion industry over the years.

For over fifty years Karl Lagerfeld has remained a formidable force in the fashion industry and has taken the helm of numerous iconic houses - including Chloe, Fendi and Chanel (obvs).  Never one to shy away from hard work, Kaiser Karl has juggled many successful careers as an award winning photographer, publisher and art director alongside his numerous design undertakings.


Obviously It’s his work at Chanel for which he is most recognised and applauded.  A tenure of over thirty years has seen Lagerfeld’s unique vision transform the classic French house into a force majeur and one held in high esteem by any fashionista worth her Manolo’s.   A vision that extends beyond the atelier, Lagerfeld’s influence has helped launch numerous supermodel careers, has redefined fashion advertising and laid down the blueprint of how to revive a fashion brand – revolutionising the industry in the process.

A titan of the industry, Chanel under Lagerfeld’s guidance continues to push the boundaries of expectation in fashion. Setting a precedent with his awe-inspiring, globe-trotting runway shows, Karl Lagerfeld’s visionary genius has kept him at the forefront of contemporary culture for decades.

Natalie Massenet MBE commented: “Karl Lagerfeld defines outstanding. He is the champion of excellence, the master of the exceptional and one of the most iconic figures globally from our industry. His life’s work for his own and so many extraordinary brands has written the language of fashion. He is the ultimate visionary and we celebrate not only the decades already passed but those yet to happen. In Karl’s hands the future of fashion will be an exceptional one.”

For me, this has been a long time coming; no other house puts on a runway show like Chanel, Lagerfeld takes a culturally relevant theme with each new season and runs with it, literally until the legs fall off.  A modern visionary at 82 years old - I salute you Kaiser Karl, as do the British Fashion Council.

Pixie x


A New Home For London Fashion Week

With Fashion Month right around the corner the eyes of the Fashion World will be on London for more than just the Spring / Summer 2016 trends.  That’s right folks, London Fashion Week has a new home.  As we know, Somerset House has been the home of #LFW since 2009 and after twelve hectic seasons and countless street stylers pounding the pavements of the square, man those cobbles could talk, but now it’s time for something fresh and new.

Models, led by Cara Delevingne (L) present creations from designer Burberry Prorsum during the 2014 Autumn / Winter London Fashion Week in London on February 17, 2014. AFP PHOTO / BEN STANSALLBEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

Spring / Summer 2016 is all about change and we’ll see the BFC bring to fruition what they’ve promised us for years - a Fashion Week hosted entirely in the West End.  The new collections will make their debut at Brewer Street Car Park in Soho.  Previously used for fringe shows and events by the likes of Henry Holland, Richard Nicoll and Antonio Berardi, the Spring / Summer 2016 show schedule will see Anthony Vaccarello showcasing his Versus #SS16 collection as part of the #LFW line up for the first time.  Perhaps the most exciting debut however, will come from Emma Hill, former Creative Director at Mulberry and credited with bringing Mulberry into the mainstream, Hill will showcase her first and hotly anticipated accessories line, Hill & Friends.

Other newcomers to the #LFW schedule include John Smedley, Amanda Wakeley (hot on the heels of her static presentation for Fall / Winter 2015), Kelly Shaw London and Toga.

London Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2016 runs from September 18th - 23rd and I’ll be there to bring you the latest looks phresh out the runway.  With the most jam-packed (draft) schedule #LFW has seen in recent years and the West End as the venue, it looks set to be killer:

Although the main event is invite only, there are still tickets available for popular fringe event London Fashion Weekend and if you’ve never been before, it’s a great way to get involved.  So, what are you waiting for…..?

Pixie x


24 Hour Access to Savage Beauty at the V&A

It doesn’t take a fashion genius to work out that the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A museum in London has been a mega success.  With over 345,000 visitors since the retrospective opened in March, Savage Beauty is the V&A’s most successful exhibition in over a decade, way exceeding the expectation of both the curator and the museum’s Director.

“We knew that Savage Beauty would be very popular, but the response has been even greater than we imagined. It’s an extraordinary exhibition and I urge anyone who has not yet visited, wherever they are in the world, to make a trip to the V&A to experience this very special show.” Martin Roth, Director of the V&A.


Demand has been incredible with all advance tickets now sold out, the only way to be able to view this amazing retrospective of McQueen’s work, including his final unfinished collection, is to turn up to the museum on the day and take your chances. With this in mind, the V&A have this morning announced that the exhibition will open 24 hours for the final two weekends of its five month run.

This step, a first for the V&A, will see a further 12,000 tickets made available, to encourage anyone who hasn’t already been, or like me, has visited multiple times, to go along and view the collection and get an insight into McQueen’s troubled mind.

“It’s not going on tour to other venues so our aim is to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to see it by opening through the night for the last two weekends. This will be the first time we have opened the V&A around the clock and we certainly think it is an event worth getting out of bed for.”Martin Roth, Director of the V&A.

Tickets to view the exhibition throughout the night are now available to book in allocated timeslots from Friday July 24th through to 10pm on Sunday July 26th and from Friday July 31st until it closes finally and resolutely on Sunday August 2nd at 23.00.  During these weekends, the exhibition shop will feature special in-store promotions, a bar will be open with music until 22.00, and refreshments available from 22.00 – 06.30.

So if you haven’t yet been, or if it was super busy on your first visit, then book, go along and be a part of it.  This really will be your final chance to view this truly awesome body of work.

What are you waiting for…..

Pixie x

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, in partnership with Swarovski, supported by American Express, with thanks to M∙A∙C Cosmetics, technology partner Samsung and made possible with the co-operation of Alexander McQueen, runs from 14 March – 2 August 2015.


Blo Me Dry

I’ve been spending a lot of time in London recently for Graduate Fashion Week and LCM and the show schedule has been hectic (just the way I like it).  The last few weeks have seen me running around all over London with barely time to stop to rest my weary feet.  So, to save me time and effort, I’ve been visiting Blo Blow Dry Bar in Covent Garden to be primped and preened and ready to take my place on the FROW.

The blow dry bar is a relatively new concept to the UK and the last few years has seen them popping up in major cities all over the country, however Blo is a little different.  There’s no dyeing, no cutting, in fact no scissors of any kind; this is a salon dedicated to the art of the blow dry and other artistic finishing techniques.  Hugely successful in the States and endorsed by none other than Gwyneth Paltrow, Blo prides itself on making clients look and feel great, their ethos is simple: Wash, Blow & Go.

The salon offers a set menu of blow dry options, from the smooth straight lines of the Executive Sweet to the plumped up curls of the Holly Would, there’s something here to suit every face shape and every hair type.  Located in the basement area of Covent Garden’s Market Piazza, just minutes from the tube station the salon is cool and contemporary in feel, operating a simple but effective colour pallete of fuchsia and white which runs across all of their branding.  When I arrive at the salon I’m greeted by a gorgeous girl covering front of house with an uber wide smile and amazing hair (natch).

The reason I’m here is to check out the newly introduced Braid Menu, perfect for Festival Season there are a range of styles to choose from, each incorporating different braiding techniques and each dramatically different, from the Russian Princess styling of the Crowning Glory halo braid to the fashionable Fishtail braid.

For Graduate Fashion Week I opt for a Crowning Glory Halo Braid, it’s pretty hot out and I have a lot of running around to do so I figure this will keep me cool and looking slightly less frazzled.

IMG_6472 3

My Creative Stylist Michaela gets to work telling me that braiding is her favourite thing to do, particularly the Crowning Glory braid because it looks different on everyone”.  She tells me that typically a clients hair is washed and dried in the salon before being styled however because my hair can be slippy when freshly washed, I opt for my braid to be put in from dry.  Literally within minutes Michaela has worked her magic to create a gorgeous halo braid perfect for Graduate Fashion Week.  She pulls at the braid to “fatten” it up and give it more of a messy, undone look and then uses a tail comb to pull some tendrils out from the front which she gently waves using a GHD Curve.  In no time at all I have a completed style in less time than it would have taken me to wash and dry my own hair, perfect!

A week later, I’m still in London and my schedule is off the chain as LCM is now underway so I decide to pay Blo another visit for another amazing plaited creation - It’s another red hot day and the last thing I need is my hair sticking to my face!  I arrive at the salon and am instantly recognised by the girl at front of house and am seated straight away.  With Tasha, my Creative Stylist today, I decide on a French Fishtail braid with a brushed back front, think Elsa from Frozen and you’re on the right track.  That’s one of the great things about Blo; if there’s something you have in mind the Stylists will work with you to create an amazing and unique look tailored specifically to your hair.

Tasha preps my hair and pins the top section of my hair up before starting to fishtail braid the lower section.  Again, within minutes she’s created an intricate French Fishtail braid, with the top section she backcombs and sets it into place before pulling out some thin sections at the front and waving them with the GHD Curve.

If you’re planning a trip London to catch a show, go shopping or just for a City break, I’d highly recommend booking an appointment at Blo, you’ll be pampered whilst you’re there and you’ll leave with a fashion forward style that’ll turn heads during your visit and make you the envy of your friends back home when you share your selfies.  If you live and work here in London then check out the Blo Breakfast Club, you need never have a flustered morning again!


The salon can also be booked for Batchelorette Parties and Pamper Parties and pretty much anything else you might want to do with a group of your best girlfriends, owner Irina is big on girl power and loves seeing the transformations in clients from when they arrive to when they leave.  With gift cards available, you’re able to gift a blow dry or an up do and speaking from experience, the last thing you want to do when you’re out of town is have the added hassle of doing your hair so it’s a win all round for me!  Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there….

Pixie x

Click Here to book a blow dry or braid at Blo and get 10% off your first visit.

Blo is at:

34 The Market (Covent Garden – lower courtyard)
The Piazza, London
United Kingdom WC2E 8RE

To book a blo out or just chat about
your fringe, call +44 (0) 207 836 5115
or email

Monday to Wednesday 7am to 8pm
Thursday to Saturday 7am to 9pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm

*Open as early as 7am by appointment.


MM6 Maison Margiela Fashion Event

When I was invited by Grazia magazine to attend a fashion event hosted by MM6 Maison Margiela and the chance to get an exclusive preview of the new collection, I just couldn’t say no, after all the MM6 leisure wear is legendary and I have so much of it in my wardrobe it made sense to snap up an opportunity to top up my collection…

I hot footed it from my Bayswater apartment to Bond Street to get to the store hosting the event.  Not in my intended outfit I might add (long story), but still feeling pretty collected in distressed Paige jeans and a Deathly Hallows tee with grey suede Prada shoes.

The MM6 London store is located on Conduit Street, a busy shopping street off Regent Street bursting at the seams with stylish boutiques and designer stores.  Once inside I’m greeted with champagne, cocktails and various delicious looking canapés, even better, I’m told that tonight not only do we get an exclusive preview of the Fall Winter 15/16 collection but we can also shop it ahead of everyone else with 30% off.  Bonus.

Each guest is given a look book from the FW15/16 collection with each runway look shown individually and the store is stocking some of the show collection for us this evening so I’m already uber excited to get my hands on it.  I spot a supersized heavy denim shirt dress that looks amazing and that’s my first purchase sorted, I haven’t even been here five minutes…..

The Spring Summer 15 collection is also available in store and there are some great leisure wear pieces including a long line split side sweater, and a hooded zip through which will slot nicely in to my gym wardrobe.  On the leisure wear theme, there are also an amazing pair of shearling trimmed sneakers perfect for pounding the pavements during Fashion Month, I adore fashion sneakers and these will give my trust Chanel sneaks a well deserved break.

The rest of the collection is as diverse as you would expect from Margiela, relaxed separates and oversized soft lines juxtaposed with luxurious heavy fabrics such as tan suede, alcantara and leather used for trousers, dresses and waistcoats. The shoe collection is strong, block heeled boots, espadrilles (everyone is doing them) and flatform sandals stand out across the range and there are a pair of cute black d’Orsay style shoes that catch my eye.  Interestingly heels are sparse across the collection with only a few block heels across the entire range.

Bold Pucci-esque prints adorn the standard shapes throughout the Spring Simmer collection with shirt dresses, palazzo pants and relaxed jumpsuits leading the pack, the great thing about these particular pieces is the variety of ways in which they can be worn.


The tailoring section is made up of pleated shirts and dresses and the oversize theme runs into this part of the collection too, with stiff shirts challenging proportions and cape backed swing dresses being the stand out pieces.  Fall Winter sees a palette of plums and purples standing out against monochrome staple pieces, with more bold print making its way into the collection.  I caught up with Charlie Miller, Executive Fashion Director at Grazia magazine, who told me that “the MM6 Margiela collection has a number of great dresses at that magic price point of £300 - not so low that it looks poorly made and not ridiculously expensive either, it’s accessible and with 30% off it makes it that bit more affordable”.  Charlie told me that having had a chance to browse before the event began, she had a head start on picking out her favourite pieces including an asymmetric pleated shirt in crisp white.


The Mikita Maison Margiela sunglasses collection is both stylish and innovative, these super lightweight beauties are slick in design using only tiny slivers of stainless steel to bind the frame and no screws at all, instead the arms pivot on a looped hinge design.  They’re so thin and light that it literally feels as if you aren’t wearing glasses, they’re virtually indestructible too as I’m invited to test, and true to the claims, they behave elastically when bent.

The collections are rounded off with fragrance and accessories, from mega bright woolly bobble hats to silver fishnet effect clutch bags, the whole sideline collection is futuristic; think flashes of silver with luminous yellow and cobalt blue as the accent colours and you’re on the right track.  Jewellery offset with rope cord designed to look like parachute rip cords gives the collection a street spin.

So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your leisure wear I can highly recommend MM6 Margiela as a starting point but also for some great relaxed oversized pieced.  If you’re bored of the norm and you want to push the boundaries and challenge proportion a little then Margiela is an excellent place to start, with wide legged heavy denim jeans (yes, these came home with me too) and loose relaxed fit shirts you’ll be in with the Fash Pack in no time and the tailoring is an easy way to upgrade your workwear wardrobe without breaking the bank.  It’s a great stepping stone between high street and designer and with MM6 Maison Margiela in your wardrobe you’ll have Fall Winter 15 all sewn up.

Pixie x

MM6 Maison Margiela is at 6 Conduit Street, London.

With thanks to Grazia magazine for inviting me.