VS Fashion Show 2016


I’ve held off with this post for a little but because I know your timelines will be filled with pictures of the VS Angels and those super elaborate wings already, but I can wait no longer!

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place in Paris last week and boy was it good!  With a record number of Rookies, looks and wings, the show set out to wow followers from the very beginning.

We were treated to the casting videos, the #TrainLikeAnAngel campaign videos to make us crave the new sportswear range, and the rehearsal runthrough.  By the time Show day came round, we were literally on the edge.  With the huge Grand Palais transformed into a rhinestone covered showspace with the longest glitter strewn runway the brand has had to date; the biggest VS Fashion Show to date began with a bang.

Performers Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and The Weeknd provided the musical entertainment but it was the Angels who took centre stage; you just need to look at the stills for the ultimate gym motivation.

The VS Fashion Show always produces a few stand out high points and this year they weren’t in short supply.  I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite moments…

1. Veteran Angels Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio showed The Rookies how it’s done.

2. Jasmine Tookes looked psyched to be wearing the $3 million Fantasy Bra.

3. Bella showed Abel what he could’ve won.

4. Izabel Goulart put everyone to shame with her freaking amazing abs.

5. Maria Borges. ‘Nuff said, this woman is rocking my world right now. 💙

So Voyeurs, whilst you wait for the UK screening on 4Music next week, here are some of the best images from the show itself and I’ll follow up with a Behind the Scenes post later this week to keep that anticipation building.  You’re welcome.

But for now, I’m headed to the gym with a picture of Izabel goulart as my screensaver for inspo….

Pixie xo


Love Niche FW16 Collection

Twice yearly, in line with the off-schedule fashion calendar, Newcastle based Fashion Designer Nisha Vedhara curates and prepares a multi tiered collection to present to the fashionistas of the North.


Nisha and I have been friends for a few years now and although I’m probably biased, I speak the truth when I tell you she puts on a formidable show.  Each season Nisha partners with a local charity, suicide prevention and support charity If U Care Share was selected as the partner for The Art of Style FW 16, with a proportion of funds raised going to benefit local families affected by suicide.  Having been affected by suicide in my family, I can’t give enough props for this. 🙌🏼

Nisha’s approach to her collection is three dimensional; her signature Love Niche line is actually designed and made by her, from sketch, to completion.  She scours the globe for fabrics, prints and anything else she can use in her collections with inspiration coming mainly from India and the vivid, rich colours and textures available there.

Love Niche Paris is Nisha’s most popular collection.   Curated and bought in according to trends on the runway by Nisha with a focus on the outfit as a whole, rather than single pieces.

Her third, more affordable collection is Love Niche London.  A diffusion line selected by Nisha to make the brand accessible, but still desirable.

This year, the Love Niche Fall / Winter showcase took place at The Assembly Rooms in Newcastle and for the first time ever, featured bespoke occasion wear designed and made by Nisha for real clients.  Not only was I invited along, but I was actually asked to model in the second part of the show!  Taking on a new format, the show was split into ready to wear, worn by models and then after a short interlude, bespoke occasion wear, worn by the women the garments were created for. (i.e. Me)

The show,  called The Moonlight Season, opened with Nisha’s own Cruise collection of bespoke kaftans and resort wear.  Models walked the candlelit runway wearing striking flower crowns made by Kathryn Russell.  Miss Junior Teen Great Britain, Harriotte Lane opened the show and told me afterwards that there were just days to go before she handed the title over to her successor.  I took my seat with my photographer pal Hannah Todd, to take in the North East’s premier runway show….

First up, resort wear.  A pretty awesome collection of cool kaftans, cover ups and swimwear.  From racy fishnet throw on dresses, to soft, floaty full length waistcoats, the collection didn’t disappoint and was a lot more fresh and urban than Nisha’s usual classic offering.  With the darker theme this season and topped with flower crowns, models looked like they’d strode straight off a Lana Del Rey video shoot.

Love Niche Paris gave us structured dresses, fur stoles and palazzo pants, armour for the modern day girl boss and like nothing else you’ll find on the high street.

Love Niche London is probably the most anticipated collection purely because of its affordability and wearability.  Think runway trends re-spun for the highstreet with a classic vibe.  The collection was full of stripes and separates finished off with hats, city gloves and chain belts.

Nisha’s high end signature line, Love Niche was a collection of high octane occasion wear for urban warrior women.  Guaranteed to create drama and turn heads, the collection garnered applause and a collective ‘ooooooooh’ from the sell out crowd.  The stand out piece?  A floor length dress coat with a nipped in waist and flared skirt worn by Miss Durham GB, Taylor Hamilton which opened and flared as she strutted the runway.  TDF 😍

Next up, my turn.  After being asked so many times about her bespoke collection, Nisha decided to enlist the help of the women she’s created one off pieces for.  For the first time ever, Nisha’s actual clients took to the runway in one off, show stopping creations designed in collaboration with each client and made by Nisha.


Our outfits were styled in the way we’d wear them ourselves so that the audience could see the versatility and personality in each piece.  I wore my long sleeved sequinned top with a full skirt from Coast and a black velvet cape - very gothic princess.  The bespoke luxe runway show also featured PR gurus Claire Barber and Sarah Hall and Rita Gray, a lady who’s become a friend of mine after Nisha introduced us a few years back (she calls me Carrie Bradshaw ❤️) and it added a new dimension to the show which showgoers agreed afterwards, allowed the audience to see how Nisha’s creations might be worn in ‘real life’.

The Moonlight Season was certainly darker and a lot more edgy and relevant than previous seasons.  The collection felt like more of a ‘journey’ than it has done before.  Maybe it was the venue, or the fresher cast of models but the show seemed slicker and told the story of the collections effortlessly.  Resort wear was a highlight, it was clear from the first outfit that Nisha had upped her game and come out stronger than ever before.  With a whopping 83 outfits on show at The Midnight Sessions, I can’t wait to see how she tops this in Spring / Summer 2017.


Image Credit: Keith Fusco, KIS Studios

If you fancy checking out the ready to wear collections, then head to Love Niche Studio, a show space that feels a world away from the busy city and the hustle of the Grainger Market beneath it.  Nisha also offers her bespoke dressmaking service from here or a personal styling service if you’re not sure where to start and she’s her own best advert, she rarely wears anything other than Love Niche and damn, can she put an outfit together.

Pixie xo



VS Angel Airlines, Boarding Now

The annual spectacle that is the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is just days away and we know already that the 2016 show brings a season of change for the brand.  To find out exactly what we know so far about the 2016 show, click here.

We know that Jasmine Tookes will wear the most urban Fantasy Bra the show has ever seen, with rhinestones fashioned into studs, cones and spikes.  Want to see every other Fantasy Bra in history?  Click here.

Overnight, the Angels boarded Victoria’s Secret Angel Airlines and took to the skies to head for Paris, but not without documenting the journey, and their excitement, for their baying social media following.

With the Paris show hotly anticipated to be the biggest, best and most ‘street’ show ever delivered by Ed Razek and the team behind Victoria’s Secret, the pre-show build up is certainly delivering.

Now that the Angels have officially landed in Paris, in the days leading up to the show we can expect selfies from the VS store, rehearsal shots, and the infamous beauty room pictures as we lead into the big day.  I don’t know about you Voyeurs but I’m starting to get more than a little excited about this and can’t even think about Christmas until the show is over and the last piece of confetti has fallen to the floor!

I was given the opportunity to attend the Paris show but the stars just weren’t aligned.  Still, I’ll always have London 2014 and if you’re interested Voyeurs, you can read about that here.

Personally I’m looking forward to seasoned veterans Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima as I do every year, but I’m also excited to see what the Rookies bring to the runway, the youngest of whom is just eighteen years old, you can read about the entire new cohort of Angels here.

So, all that’s left to do is wait for the ultimate showdown;  the spectacle of the year and the last milestone in the countdown to Christmas.  Bonjour Paris, we’re ready for you….

Pixie xo


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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, What We Know So Far

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is right around the corner Voyeurs and here’s what we know so far…

The show is set to be bigger and better than ever before - at least that’s what we’re led to believe.  After suffering dwindling ratings last year, the brand was hit hard and Ed Razek, the mastermind behind Victoria’s Secret wants to fix that.

Enter Jasmine Tookes.  The third black woman to be awarded the coveted Fantasy Bra, Tookes will showcase the ‘Bright Night’ Fantasy Bra during the 2016 VS Fashion Show and the bra looks set to be a real departure from those shown in recent years.

The Fantasy Bra

Valued at $3 million, the bra has been designed by Eddie Borgo and took seven months to create.  Comprising 9000 gemstones and over 27000 Swarovski crystals and pearls set in 450 karats of 18 karat gold, the Bright Night Fantasy Bra stays true to the sexy, unobtainable aesthetic of Victoria’s Secret, mixed with the urban appeal of Borgo’s archive.

“It’s such an honour for me to join a whole group of women who are icons, and who I grew up watching over the years.”  Jasmine Tookes, VS Angel.


The Location

For the first time ever, the show will take place in Paris.  More specifically at the Grand Palais, favourite of Karl Lagerfeld and regular home to the Chanel runway show during Paris Fashion Week.  Things to note:  The Grand Palais is HUGE.  Trust me, I’ve seen it first hand.  The steel and glass ceiling itself is something to behold and allows the space to flood with natural light in the daytime.  Now we know that the show is recorded twice; once at 2pm and once at 7pm and the best takes make up the show you see on TV - it’ll be interesting to see how VS manage the changing lighting between each show.

The Performers

We know that Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd are confirmed performers for the show - with the addition of Bella Hadid to the lineup, recent ex-girlfriend of Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) that won’t be awkward at all.  Let’s hope he doesn’t do a Rihanna circa 2015 and pull out at the last minute…

The Angels

The 2016 will feature a whole host of rookie Angels (18 to be exact) alongside veterans Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Jasmine Tookes et al.  New gals Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are back and Bella Hadid made the cut for the first time this year.  Karlie Kloss who retired her wings for a blink and you’ll miss it short period (one season!) will be back too.


An Exhibition

To celebrate the launch of the brand new 5th Avenue store, an exhibition entitled VICTORIA’S SECRET: A RETROSPECTIVE will be on show but before you get too excite Voyeurs, this one is in New York.  The Retrospective exhibit will showcase the costumes and of course the wings that rocked the 2015 New York runway.  Want to catch it?  head to 640 FIFTH AVE, NEW YORK, NY.

d-fs-main-111516-retrospective-2The Show Themes

As always the show will be split into themes and this year there are six.  ‘The Road Ahead’ will take on a multicultural approach, ‘Secret Angel’ has been inspired by James Bond and black and white spy movies.  The remaining four themes are ‘Mountain Romance’, ‘Pink Nation’, ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘Bright Night Angel’ which will feature the 2016 Bright Night Fantasy Bra.


I’ll bring you more as I get it Voyeurs including the UK  TV screening date, and be sure to look out for my upcoming post introducing the Victoria’s Secret Rookies…

Pixie xo


The History of the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is right around the corner and with it comes the Fantasy Bra.  An exquisite piece of craftsmanship which takes all year to design, make and fit to the chosen model.

A firm fixture in the Fashion Calendar, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wasn’t always quite so prominent.  Starting life as a trade show in the 90’s shown right before Valentine’s Day, back them the show was a very different story to the huge feathered and rhinestone studded production of today.

Every year since 1996, one lucky VS Angel is selected to showcase the multi million dollar Fantasy Bra; now the centrepiece of the show and the equivalent of NASA’s launch pad for the Angel chosen.  What you might not know is that between 1996 and 2000, the Fantasy Bra was a catalogue only item as it was deemed too expensive to be worn on the runway (none have ever been sold).

From the first ever show held at The Plaza Hotel in New York in 1995 to 2016, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is probably the best example of clever marketing that you’ll ever see in the fashion world.  From the pre-show #TrainLikeAnAngel campaign that flogs the brand’s sportswear line, to the YouTube broadcast castings and subsequent fittings, the whole thing is a well oiled machine masterminded by Ed Razek, with a little pre-show help from Russell James.  James photographed each of the Angels nude for a $250 book to accompany the show.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held at Earl’s Court in London and everything, and I mean everything is a slick operation.  It’s a world created entirely for the viewer.  Everything you witness as a member of the press is created for just that purpose and the Angels are more than willing to perform.  it’s a fascinating thing to watch and the duties of an Angel are so much more than just walking the runway, I could dedicate an entire post to the production of the show but this is about the Fantasy Bra.

So Voyeurs, whilst we wait for the 2016 VSFS, which will surely be bigger and better than anything before it, here’s a rundown of every Fantasy Bra that’s ever been shown by Victorias Secret.  You’re welcome….


1996 - The first Fantasy Bra was worn by Claudia Schiffer and unveiled in print on the cover of the Valentine’s catalogue.  With 100 carats of diamonds it was given the title ‘The Million Dollar Miracle Bra’.

1997 - Don’t be fooled by how understated this Fantasy Bra appears.  Costing a cool $3 million, the bra was worn by Tyra Banks and featured a 42 carat pear cut diamond at the very centre.


1998 - The VS creative team took things up a notch with this $5 million ‘Dream Angel’ Fantasy Bra worn by Daniela Pestova.  Featuring a whopping 330 carats of pear and marquise cut diamonds, set amongst 77 carats of marquise cut rubies and mouldable platinum.


1999 - The year that the Fantasy Bra became a ‘costume’ and people sat up and took notice.  Very visibly different to anything else in the catalogue, the ‘Millennium Bra’ was worn by Heidi Klum and with over 4000 diamonds and sapphires, the price tag was a cool $10 million.

2000 - This $15 million ‘Red Hot’ Fantasy Bra set a Guiness World Record for Most Expensive Piece of Lingerie (until 2006).  Encrusted with over 300 Thai Rubies the Red Hot Fantasy Bra, worn by Gisele, gave Victoria’s Secret the idea to start including the Fantasy Bra in the annual show.

2001 - Heidi Klum was the first Angel to walk the runway in a Fantasy Bra.  The ‘Heavenly Star’ demi bra was made up of pink sapphires with a 90 carat emerald cut diamond in the centre.  At $12.5 million you’d think they could have made one to fit…

2002 - The ‘Star of Victoria’ Fantasy Bra was created to give the look of an English country rose garden, studded with rubies and emeralds galore, the bra cost a whopping $10 million and was worn by rising star (at the time) Karolina Kurkova.

2003 - Wearing her third fantasy Bra, Heidi Klum took to the runway in the (slightly better fitting) ‘Very Sexy’ Fantasy Bra costing $11 million and featuring the second largest diamond in the world at 70 carats.

2004 - The £10 million ‘Heavenly 70’ Fantasy Bra was worn by Tyra Banks and was for print only as the off schedule Angel’s Across America show took place that year.  Featuring  diamonds set in white gold with an awesome 70 carat pear cut diamond at its centre.

2005 - Gisele took on the ‘Sexy Splendour’ Fantasy Bra and this show really embraced themes, shaping the show as we know it now, with a 101 fancy-cut swing diamond, the bra was valued at $12.5 million.

2006 - Now on to her second Fantasy Bra, Karolina Kurkova wore the $6.5 million ‘Hearts On Fire’ Fantasy bra featuring over 2000 single diamonds and a huge 10 carat stone as the centrepiece.

2007 - The ‘Holiday’ Fantasy Bra was worn by Selita Ebanks and was the first year that the costume featured a garter, barrette & cuff as part of the ensemble.  Encrusted in diamonds, yellow sapphires, rubies and emeralds, the bra was the first to embrace the Holiday season.

2008 - Starting to look familiar Voyeurs? Introducing Adriana Lima as the Angel she was meant to be.  Wearing the $5 million ‘Black Diamond’ Fantasy bra, Lima took centre stage for the first time and the world sat up and took notice.  With over 1500 carats in this fantasy Bra, this shaped the show as we know it.

2009 - The $3 million ‘Harlequin’ Fantasy Bra was worn by Marisa Miller and was made up of 2355 diamonds with a 16-carat heart shaped diamond pendant centrepiece.

2010 - The ‘Bombshell’ Fantasy Bra was Adriana Lima’s second outing wearing the coveted showstopper.  With 60 carats of white diamonds as well as blue topaz and sapphires, the bra was valued at $2 million and cemented Lima at the top of her game.

2011 - The ‘Fantasy Treasure’ Bra was worn by Miranda Kerr and incorporated Victoria’s Secret’s famous ‘wings’ or in this case, a piece fashioned to resemble an oyster shell.  with 3379 stones including yellow and colourless diamonds to the tune of of 142 carats, citrines, pearls and aquamarines, the bra was valued at $2.5 million and was finished with a pearl centrepiece.

2012 - Alessandra Ambrosio wore the $2.5 million ‘Floral Fantasy’ Bra, moving towards the full VSFS costume we’re used to seeing today the style featured floral wings and panniers secured with a diamond chain belt, and over 5000 gems.  Amethysts, rubies, sapphires, tsavorites and pink, yellow and white diamonds made up the intricate floral design and just like Adriana Lima, Ambrosio became a household name.

2013 - The ‘Royal’ Fantasy Bra was a sight to behold, worn by Candice Swanepoel, the bra and belt topped out at $10 million and featured over 4200 gem stones including diamonds, rubies and yellow sapphires with a 52 carat pear shaped ruby swinging from the centre.  Hand set in 18 karat gold, the ‘Royal’ saw the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra elevated to the Big Leagues.

2014 - For the first time ever, Victoria’s Secret made two Fantasy Bras for the UK show named the ‘Dream Angels’ fantasy bras.  Worn by Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, it was widely speculated that the girls were set to retire after the London show and that this would be their parting gift - this was not the case.  valued at $2 million each, the ensembles were dripping in 16000 blue sapphires, diamonds and rubies set in 18 karat gold.  I was lucky enough to be at this show and got within touching distance of both of these backstage!

2015 - The modestly priced $2 million ‘Firework’ Fantasy bra was worn by Lily Aldridge and is one of the tamest to be seen in recent years.  It left fans of the VS Fashion Show underwhelmed and was criticised on social media.  Made up of white diamonds, blue topaz, yellow sapphires and pink quartz and set in 18 karat gold, the wings and matching panniers were created to replicate the effect of fireworks on July 4th.

2016 - This year marks the 20th anniversary of the VS Fantasy Bra and the brand wanted to bring something new.  After suffering a 35% drop in ratings in 2015 which has been hurtful to the brand, 25 year old Jasmine Tookes was selected to wear the ‘Bright Night’ Fantasy bra.  Made up of 9000 gems and 27000 Swarovski crystals set in 18 karat gold and valued at $3 million, the bra is a step away from the Fantasy Bra’s shown in recent years - a conscious decision for the brand.  Unretouched pictures of Tookes’ Fantasy Bra shoot were also leaked online - rumoured to be a ploy by the brand itself.

“The energy is going to be amazing in Paris, everyone is so excited—it’s going to be one of the best VS shows yet!”  Jasmine Tookes, VS Angel

So there you have it Voyeurs, your definitive guide to the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra.  All that’s left now is for you to sit tight and wait for the 2016 Paris show to be screened on TV.  With Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars and The Weeknd confirmed to perform at this year’s show it looks like it’s set to be a doozie….

Pixie xo



Carli Pearson, Founder and Creative Director of new womenswear label, CIMONE was trained at Central Saint Martins and prior to launching her own brand, she honed her craft in a variety of senior positions at some of the world’s top houses. She spent her first seven years at Stella McCartney, later moving on to become Design Director at Alexander Wang, Head of Show Collection at Pucci, and Head of Womenswear at McQ, Alexander McQueen.

Her second collection for spring/summer 2017, and first runway collection was shown as part of London Fashion Week’s SS17 season and received to rapturous applause.

A web of contradictions, the collection saw control versus chaos and high-end production values paired with repurposed textures; focusing on the interplay between naivety and self-assuredness.

statement pieces featured unique, interactive embellishment, moving with models bodies and reacting in unique ways, never appearing the same way twice.  A subtle and muted whitewash was brought to life with a vibrant injection of juxtaposed bold colour, appearing as splashes and stripes.

Very obviously influenced by the late Lee Mcqueen, Pearson has focused on confidence as the recurrent theme throughout the SS17 collection - with a little fun thrown in for good measure.

Pixie xo




Fun Affair: Girls Grow Up at LFW

If you’re familiar with the London Fashion Scene then you’ll already be aware of Fun Affair.  Known for it’s gamine aesthetic and off-beat presentations, the brand oozes 90’s cool like no other.  From the in your face logos to the vinyl baseball caps, Fun Affair is one brand that should be on your radar.


Integrating abstraction exotica, minimalism and subversion, designer Xi Zhu strives to create an avant-garde and elegant sphere of design.   Zhu merges her oriental heritage with European romanticism and modernism to define her signature: ‘rebellion meets optimism’.  Seemingly on a mission absolute to manifest extreme beauty, marrying oriental beauty with mystery, stillness and power, Zhu is a designer for the modern day feminist crusader.

Hosted by LFW’s younger, funkier sister, Fashion Scout, the Fun Affair show begins in a perfectly white space allowing the garments to speak volumes.

The Fun Affair SS17 collection is all of that and more and the runway show is a journey from start to finish.  Inspired by the New Romantics, 80’s power dressing and postmodernism.  The SS17 Fun Affair-girl is edgy, feminine and sophisticated with just the right amount of attitude.  A girl gang for a new generation, and one I find myself wanting to be part of.

This season is all about playing with proportion and form. I caught up with Zhu after the show, noticeably nervous, she told me “It’s about women’s strength and rebelliousness, did you see the last look?  That’s my favourite thing I’ve ever created”

Highlights of the show and top of my shopping list were oversized bow knot shirts, high gloss 90’s style slipdresses, high-waisted jeans & baseball caps, and yes, the last look was my absolute favourite, in fact I’m working on recreating it right now….

Pixie xo



VANCOUVER, BC - SEPTEMBER 23:  A model walks the runway wearing ALEX S. YU at Vancouver Fashion week on September 23, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.  (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC)

Key Micro Trends from Vancouver Fashion Week

The 28th consecutive season of outsider Vancouver Fashion Week only just finished and six key trends appeared from what is considered one of the world’s top gateway fashion weeks.

Our very own Monarchs Prince William and Kate Middleton were in the host city during VFW, obvs they didn’t attend the shows, however the FROW was notably  celeb packed, cementing VFW as a fashion fringe event to pay close attention to.


Silver appeared in several collections with Alex S. Yu, Evan Clayton, JKline and Maryam Niyazi all giving SS17 a silver spin on dresses, jackets and separates.


We al know that the 90s were the best era for both fashion and music and that trend shows no sign of abating,  90s rave influenced a handful of collections including Angus Chiang, Balaclava, Lillz Killz and Naovoe. Acid colours, playful shapes and attitude in abundance moved this trend from the fringe to the frow.


Texture clashing was prevalent across multiple designer shows – plastic pailettes, leather, metal, faux fur and cotton was combined, layered, juxtaposed and manipulated to create awesome contemporary looks.  With Alex S. Yu, Clio Page, HUY-HUY and Moon Choi leading the charge.


Simplicity came in the form of purest white – swing dresses, shirts and daywear gave a nod to purity.  With Vestige Story, TKC Design, GH by German Hernandez and Zi Xia leading the pack on all things pure and simple.


Pale pink was elevated from girly to focal and ended up in an array of collections as an accent colour or focal hue. Alogon, INSOMNIA, Angus Chiang and JKline pinked up their palettes to perfection and remember the golden rule, on Wednesdays, we wear pink….


Ruffles, if ever a trend was created with Lawrence llewelyn-Bowen, this is it.  Solid hues, patterns and a deconstructed shirt saw ruffles taking centre stage and not small, understated ruffles, these were super sized and in your face, made to be seen ruffles.   Hannah Vanderveen, Moon Choi, Alex S. Yu and Nuska added one of fashion’s oldest embellishments to their spring/summer collections.

With another Fashion Month over we’ve been moderately treated to a variety of new trends and even in some cases a new way of buying.  With a relatively underwhelming start to show season (mentioning no names NYFW), London came through with the lift we needed.  After Scout, MFW and PFW, Vancouver has given us a whole host of micro trends to play with and I might not even wait until spring to get started…

Pixie xo



London Fashion Week SS17

If there’s one Fashion Week that’s associated with new talent and a passion for supporting the underdog, it’s London Fashion Week; and with the likes of Prophetik, Gareth Pugh and Mulberry all showing strong collections, it looks like the bar is set to keep on rising.

I’m headed to London SUPER early in the morning for three jam packed days of shows and events and a special something from one of my all time favourite designers (more on that later).

Stay tuned Voyeurs, after a very mediocre NYFW, I’m predicting big things from London.  BIG things….

Pixie xo



Prophetik presents Nevermore: SS17

London Fashion Week.  The most urban and exciting of all Fashion Weeks and definitely the one most likely to show and breed hot new talent in the fashion industry.  A hotbed for creativity, London is home to some of the best designers in the world, some of whom manage to fly under the radar of most non-fashion folk - Fuggles if you will…


Step forward Prophetik.  An uber cool brand founded by award-winning designer, Jeff Garner in Tennessee, USA, Prophetik is the sartorial result of Garner’s take on visual art, blended with his  pioneering stance on sustainability. Garner was designated as one of 40 top artists in America, resulting in his work being exhibited in one of the world’s most famous museums, The Smithsonian.

With sustainability at the core of the brand, Prophetik is the fashion label you never knew you knew.  Garner has dressed Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Gisele Bundchen, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz, Livia Firth, Julia Stiles, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kings of Leon; and he has reached into the technological sphere, partnering with Apple and Griffin to create sustainable iPhone cases, which were revealed on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, where Cara Delevingne both opened and closed the show.

Spring forward to today, day 2 of LFW and Garner is back in a big way with his SS17 offering: Nevermore, which took place at the Tower of London.  If the venue conjures up images of gothic romance then you’re definitely on the right track.

Jeff Garner’s spring/summer show, under his label Prophetik, nods to love lost and the notion that in the depths of a shadowy, dark void, light is exposed and wisdom can be found.

Heritage set the foundation of Nevermore. An American archetype – descended from Yorkshire settlers and the Native American Cherokee – Garner and his family have been residing in the state of Tennessee for seven generations, dating back to the land grant from Lord Fairfax. Mary Crane, daughter of chief Whooping Crane of the Cherokee Nation in Tennessee was Garner’s great, great, great grandmother and looking back to this Native American ancestry and its traditional folklore, Garner examined the raven, which featured on this season’s invitation. The raven is a symbol of a light-bringer – one which gifts humanity with understanding and discernment holding the ideal of balance. On the contrary, pulling from the English side of his ancestry, in Celtic lore, the raven was the goddess of war and strife.

“The raven shows us how to go into the dark of our inner self and bring the light of our true self to healing and creation, cultivating renewal, recycling, and reflection.”  - Jeff Garner

Tradition and artisan craftsmanship collide, underwritten in Garner’s signature use of romantic shapes. Working with black and dark navy silhouettes, which he has steered away from in previous spring/summer collections, Nevermore borders on sombre with hints of whimsy and the ethereal. Black, naturally shed duck feathers symbolise raven feathers, while salmon sustainable leather, hemp silk, Tussah (peace silk), and hand-woven Dupioni appear, all of which are hand dyed with plant based hues at the Prophetik studio in Tennessee.

The show opened with Prophetik’s recently launched intimates collection followed by Prêt-à-Porter  and ending with Garner’s statement making ballgowns, designed around the theme of a gothic wedding.

With a live soundtrack provided by Suzy Amis Cameron and Dorado, the show was firmly rooted in Tennessee

“Nevermore is a remembrance and in honour to all of those who have loved and lost.”  - Jeff garner

A collection steeped in tradition, that sticks firmly to its own ethos of ethics and sustainable production while edging towards the dramatic, Prophetik might just be one to watch Voyeurs…

Pixie xo