Catch Up on the The Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards 2016

Missed the Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards on TV?  How could you Voyeurs?!

You’ll know by now that the Newcastle Discovery Museum played host to the inaugural Lifestyle Awards Ceremony recently which produced an honours list for North East business.  The best of the best, as shortlisted and voted for by you, the North East public.

Made TV broadcast the entire event live with a live edition of The Lowdown as a prelude to the big event itself, looking at red carpet dressing, fashion trends and prepping for the awards.

Why should you watch it?  One word: ME!  No seriously, you should watch it because the Lifestyle Awards is your essential guide to what’s hot in the North East in 2016/17.  You’ll discover the hottest nightspots, the best places to eat and maybe even a hidden gem or two that you weren’t already aware of.  What’s really awesome about these awards is that they don’t just focus on Newcastle - an undeniably awesome city - but there is so much more to Tyne & Wear than just our Geordie Hub.

So, this of this as your second chance, your saving grace….. I’m giving you the power to watch the entire show at your leisure, as many times as you like using the following links.  Although I will say this, you might want to just skip ahead to part two, that’s the best bit, I’m told it’s because I’m in it but I can neither confirm nor deny that*…… (*It’s absolutely true Voyeurs)

So here you go, knock yourself out Voyeurs…..

Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards 2016 - Part 1

Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards 2016 - Part 2

Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards 2016 - Part 3

Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards 2016 - Part 4

Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards 2016 - Part 5

Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards 2016 - Part 5



The Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards 2016

Last week businesses and fashionistas from all over the North East gathered at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle to celebrate the inaugural Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards, broadcast live on Made in Tyne & Wear.


With twelve categories, the ceremony toasted a whole range of businesses, ultimately compiling a guide to everything that’s awesome about the North East in one handy list.  I swept up the train of my Claire Pettibone Romantique dress and sped over to the Discovery Museum to bring you the lowdown….

Our venue for the evening, The Discovery Museum is an imposing, red brick building which houses treasures from all over the region and as an event venue it’s pretty special.  As we make our way up to the Grand Hall hidden away in the roof space, the internal metal structure exposed, this truly is the jewel in the museum’s crown and the perfect place for a Geordie knees up.

I bumped into fellow Blogger Anth May wearing a fitted TopMan suit and he instantly became my designated date for the evening.  After being interviewed for a live edition of The Lowdown about red carpet fashion and new season trends (Did you catch it Voyeurs?) we were seated for a three course dinner inspired by North East delicacies including pease pudding and even a stottie. (High five whoever shoehorned that on to the menu).  We shared a table with North East favourites Donna Petch from North East Hub and Joe Sexton from cookery show Fit in the Kitchen.

Pre-show entertainment came in the form of a comedy-fest from Britain’s Got Talent favourites The Mimic Men and as the entire night’s proceedings were broadcast live on TV, the audience were given a jovial reminder on etiquette for fucks, buggers and See You Next Tuesdays before the show got underway.

Our hosts for the evening were trio Peter, Mel and Hazel -  you’ll recognise them from The Lowdown, who provided the links, glamour and humour between awards, all whilst looking more dapper than ever.  The girls wore aqua blue embellished evening dresses and Peter looked uber handsome in a black dinner suit, (you’ve set the bar high guys, remember, you’ve got to better this next year!)

Guest presenters from all over the region and further afield dished out awards to the best North East businesses, as voted for by the public.  I was asked to present the award for Best Fashion Retailer which went to Gosforth boutique Have To Love and owner Kate Walton told me she was ecstatic to have won.

At the end of the evening, a special Tyne & Wear Legend Award was given to Colin Burgin-Plews, otherwise known as Big Pink dress, for selflessly dedicating his time to innovative ways of raising funds for Cancer Awareness charities.  Kudos Colin, I think you’re pretty damn awesome.


Once the awards were concluded there was just one thing left to do, party the night away.

For one night only, the best of the best in the North East assembled under one roof, just like the Avengers did - although they did it on a plane - and danced the night away.  And if there’s one thing we don’t need an award for in Tyne & Wear it’s partying, we’ve got that one covered….

Pixie xo

Missed The Lowdown live from the Lifestyle Awards?  Fear not Voyeurs, you can catch it, and me, right here

Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Award Winners:

Best Coffee Shop – Mister Woods

Best Pub – City Tavern

Best Fashion Retailer – Have To Love

Best Hair and Beauty Salon – Patrick Forster Barber and Shop

Best Hotel – Malmaison

Best Bar – The Botanist

Best Cultural Attraction – National Glass Centre

Best Restaurant – River Beat

Best Club – House of Smith

Best Fitness Facility – Model Health

Best Live Experience – Great North Run

Tyne & Wear Legend Award – Colin Burgin-Plews (Big Pink Dress)






The 2016 Tyne & Wear Lifestyle Awards

On Wednesday October 19th the Newcastle Discovery Museum will play host to the first ever Tyne and Wear Lifestyle Awards.  Organised by MADE TV and following on from the success of similar awards shows in Bristol and London, this time, it’s our turn.

Quayside, Millenium Bridge & The Sage

After an initial nomination period where the public and proud businesses from across the region put themselves up for the prestigious awards, a shortlist of the most popular was combined and members of the public were asked to vote for their favourites.  From Best Fashion Retailer to Best food & Drink Outlet, the Lifestyle Awards is really an essential list of everything that’s awesome about our region.

The awards ceremony itself promises to be like nothing the North East has been seen before, from the amazing venue with its beautiful room in the eaves, to the live TV broadcast, so you Voyeurs, will find out the results at the same time as the winners do, how cool is that?!

The best bit?  I’ll be there live from the Lifestyle Awards bringing you the red carpet arrivals, and I’m also presenting the award to the best Fashion Retailer (natch).

Flagship show The Lowdown will also be live from 7pm on Wednesday with Hazel, Mel and Peter so be sure to tune in to grab a front row seat.


So, whether you’re from the North East or not, this is one TV event that should be marked in your calendar, consider it your guide to What’s Hot in the North East right now, after all, this has been voted for by you guys….

See you there!

Pixie xo

Tune In

The next time you can catch The Tyne and Wear Lifestyle Awards on Made In Tyne & Wear is:

  • 9:00 pm, Wednesday 19th October - Tyne and Wear Lifestyle Awards (Episode 1).
  • 10:00 pm, Friday 21st October - Tyne and Wear Lifestyle Awards (Episode 2).
  • 10:00 am, Saturday 22nd October - Tyne and Wear Lifestyle Awards (Episode 2).

Chez Mal Launch at Malmaison Newcastle

Last night saw Newcastle’s elite strutting down the red carpet to the long-awaited launch of Chez Mal at the city’s iconic Malmaison hotel.  The hotel has long been a feature of the skyline on Newcastle’s Quayside and is a firm favourite amongst visitors to our beautiful city because of it’s relaxed atmosphere and fantastic customer service.

IMG_0490 IMG_2207 IMG_2097

Recently there’s been a movement of change at The Mal, as it’s affectionately known, and it’s all down to one man, new GM Vince Garrington.  Boasting a CV that any hotelier would be proud to have, Vince and his team have brought the Newcastle Malmaison right up to date with a multi-million pound overhaul to the hotel’s bedrooms, brasserie and bar area.  The hotel has long been known for its dark and ambient lounge bar and making a change this big was a bold move by Vince but boy has it worked.  By opening up the window space at the front of the hotel and moving the brasserie into this area, the change is dramatic, light floods in and the views over the Tyne are spectacular.

As most of you know, I’m the Fashion Partner for The Mal and as the dress code for the event was “Dress To Impress” I wanted to make sure I didn’t let the side down.  I wore a Stella McCartney culotte jumpsuit with my trusty Kurt Geiger heels and some simple jewellery with a cute Mulberry clutch (and my signature pompom).


On arrival guests walked the red carpet and were greeted with a glass of champagne, as far as receptions go you don’t get much better than that.  There was a dedicated press area for guests to be photographed - all a very slick affair and that’s before we even got up the stairs.


As we made our way to the top of the stairs, we were once again stopped by paparazzi for our photograph with the amazing Chez Mal light installation in the background.  We were again greeted by two gorgeous girls who advised us of the timings for the evenings events, the cocktail station locations and the beauty zone set up.  This is one of the great things about the Malmaison, they really know how to throw a great shindig and every last detail is covered, with thoughtful extras including a Mini Pamper Lounge with a Benefit counter for make up touch ups, a Le Petit Spa just in case you fancied a little sprucing and even the very simple touches like appointing hostesses to keep the evening flowing.

First up, the bar area is amazing, with more than a little U.S. influence, it smacks of New York cool.  Packed to the rafters with fashionistas, bloggers and North East celebrities and personalities, the atmosphere was palpable and one of real excitement.  Local celebrity ITV newsreader and all-round gorgeous person Rachel Sweeney took to the floor to perform a handful of soulful numbers and man can this girl sing!  Styled to rock and sporting an amazing Twenties inspired ‘do styled by Chris Summerly of North East based award winning celebrity hairdressers Hooker & Young.  Being one of my homegirls, Rachel has told me many times before about her previous singing career but wow, the girl got game!


Local singer Annabel Pattinson performed a set of 14 songs and she’s definitely one to look out for, she’s such a great performer with a really cool look too, no doubt we’ll be seeing more of her.


Hot on her heels was Essex boy Mark Wright (formerly of ITV2’s The only Way is Essex) who put on a 90’s DJ set (surely the best era for music, right?!) and was then promptly mobbed for selfies by baying fans - he willingly obliged of course, even pausing to clean someones camera at one point, well if you’re gonna be photographed it’s got to be perfect, am I right?!  Scarlett Moffatt and her family from the hit TV show Gogglebox also attended the event and they’re straight up hilarious.  I can honestly say that I’ve never watched a single episode of Gogglebox, but after meeting Scarlett, I just might.

IMG_2135 IMG_2051 IMG_2033

Other local celebrities in attendance included the always amazing Capital FM’s breakfast show, ITV Weatherman Ross Hutchinson and Krispian Kardashian who owns an actual vineyard and is about to be knighted (OK, that last part MIGHT not be true).

One thing that sent partygoers into a frenzy was the arrival of Sting, sporting a full beard and looking dashing he posed for pictures with fans and spoke to guests commenting that both the hotel and the party looked great, before slinking off into the night, possibly looking for Roxanne.

IMG_2124 IMG_2136 IMG_2150 IMG_2192

Lets talk about the food, trust me, at the risk of sounding like a cliché, you will have never seen an event with a spread like this!  I get around a bit, covering Fashion Month in London, Paris, Milan and New York and this was right up there with the best of them.  With charcuterie, carvery, fish and dessert stations at various points around the brasserie all tastes were catered for and the presentation was impeccable.  Constantly topped up and never left looking bare, the food managed to look amazing throughout the entire serving period and with over 250 guests that’s no mean feat.  Even Sparky, who’s a tricky customer, said that the food at the Malmaison Newcastle beats any restaurant or hotel he’s ever been to so there’s a big high-five right there.

IMG_2169 IMG_1978 IMG_1968

In a genius move there were dedicated cocktail bars scattered around the bar area so guests were never far from their next tipple and with several varieties on offer including virgin cocktails for those who were driving, there was literally something for everyone.  In addition to this there was a regular bar serving craft beers, wines and champagne all courtesy of the hotel.  Huge kudos to the barman with the killer dance moves too.

As far as launches go, and I’ve been to a few both in the UK and further afield, in terms of atmosphere, organisation and event planning, this was honestly one of the best I’ve ever been to.  But that’s the thing about the Mal, they don’t cut corners and they don’t do things by halves.  Vince and his team pride themselves on their service and it really shows, that’s not some schmaltzy statement made by the hotel, it’s something that’s evident from the outset and that everyone was talking about.  From the hostesses making sure that everyone had a drink, to the GM personally thanking guests for attending, it’s the little things and the Mal are definitely good at remembering the little things.

As a hotel, everyone from the North East knows The Malmaison but by broadening out into a real destination The Malmaison have increased their brand power and opened up to a whole new market.  With Cafe Del Mar DJ’s providing entertainment the vibe is cool and chilled, there’s no pressure and it’s not stuffy at all.  It’s the type of venue you could arrive at and stay all evening, literally, you could book a room and roll upstairs afterwards.  If you’re thinking of switching up your nights out and your bored with the same old scene in Newcastle, give Chez Mal a try, whether you go there for dinner or for late night drinks, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Also, I heard the goodie bags were to die for but like Cinderella I forgot something on my way out of the party.  However, unlike Cinderella, I left with both of my fabulous shoes…

Pixie x


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