Kathryn Trueman presents Inbal Dror to the North East

This week Newcastle was treated to a very special bridal couture show, unlike anything the region has seen before and I was there to bring you the scoop….


Bridal couture is big business and Israeli designer Inbal Dror has been a leader on the scene for some time, slowly amassing a following of fans who appreciate her unique craftsmanship and attention.  A skill that puts Dror one step ahead of the pack when it comes to creating standout bridal couture.  A graduate of The Shenkar Fashion Art Academy in Tel Aviv, Dror is a pioneer when it comes to couture, creating gowns that transcend the bridal genre with Beyonce opting to wear one of the standout pieces from the 2016 collection for The Grammy Awards.

With a focus on accentuating the female form by using soft, moveable materials over more traditional and thicker materials, Inbal Dror’s creations have to be seen and experienced to be believed.  Known for being a little more risqué than the average bridal designer, Dror offers something for those brides who want to feel a little more desirable.

The perfect bridal brand to collaborate with Kathryn Trueman then; Kathryn lends her name to what is probably the North East’s premier bridal boutique.  Nestled in the heart of olde worlde Morpeth with a quaint and understated shop front, an impressive boutique lies beyond with couture and more spread over two floors.  Kathryn has an unparalleled knowledge of bridal couture and can size you up in an instant.  Within five minutes of arriving she’ll have you upstairs and into a gown you never knew you needed - it’s just what she does.  With daughter in law Emily by her side, they are a formidable force on the North East bridal scene and one you need to know about.


Kathryn Trueman Bridal Boutique, Picture by Adamskii Photography

Hence being the natural choice for the Inbal Dror Trunk Show; left with full creative control over the show, Kathryn and Emily wanted to give revellers the chance to get up close and personal with these show-stopping gowns and so came up with the idea of the #RUNFREE Trunk Show.  (That’s the official hashtag and there are some amazing pictures on social media)

I have to say I was excited about this one, I’ve had my eye on an Inbal Dror gown for a little while now (not for a wedding, just because I can).  Invites stated that guests should arrive at 6.30pm prompt at the Millennium Bridge for a “surprise pre-event” so up I rocked in my half wedding dress, baby pink boots & “Surfboard” tee, right on cue with Miss Durham GB, Taylor Hamilton as my guest for the evening.

The opening act was indeed memorable, a bridal “flash mob” arrived by stretch limousine to the Newcastle Quayside at sunset and with the sidewalk as their runway, five brides strutted to perfection while their audience was left gasping in awe.  Making their way to the centre of the Millennium Bridge - they strutted and the paparazzi followed.   At the Gateshead side, models posed for photographs at The Baltic Mill and literally walked off into the sunset.  As far as flashmobs go this was the most romantic, I fell in love with all five of those girls that night.

after moving up the The Sage, guests were treated to a champagne reception and goodie bags from my bridal publishing home, Belle Bridal before taking their place on the Frow for the show.

Exercise caution Voyeurs, you’re about to see couture so beautiful you’re going to want to down told and propose to the person closest to you….

With a live soundtrack provided by Le Sape Nocturne, a collective of eight musicians from the North East and a little further afield, these guys take infamous musical numbers from all genres and re-spin them with a little Le SAPE magic to create music you’ve never heard before, except you have.  Perfect for a bridal showcase of this calibre.

Models walked the runway in a range of styles from the Inbal Dror 2016 ‘New York’ collection which oozes glamour and decadence.  From the classic full length bridal gown to the shorter, more modern backless gown, the collection drew gasps from the crowd of press and potential brides alike.

Obvs this much concentrated gorgeousness carries a hefty price tag, but not as hefty as you might think.  With Beyonce’s (read ‘my’) gown at £8k that’s pretty affordable, and covetable, couture right there.  Sure you could pick up a car for that price but let’s face it, you won’t look as good in it as you will in this gown.

With gowns this pretty I’m considering taking on a part time second husband, or maybe two….

Pixie xo

The collection can be viewed at Kathryn Trueman Bridal, 42, Bridge Street, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 1NL

For appointments call: (01670) 511917


Barre Bank Holiday Treat

#NEFollowers and Fitness Fanatics rejoice…..!

Not tried The Barre Workout yet?  Well I’ve been preaching about it for long enough but now might be your best opportunity yet….

You know by now that the Barre method strips back the mechanics of precise ballet movements using them as part of a strict workout regime in order to condition your muscles and force them into an intense, long lasting burn.  In English?  Long. Lasting. Calorie. Burn.  All day long in fact.  By forcing the quad muscles to take the brunt of the movement during long plie sets, the body goes into calorie burn mode for long after you’ve left class.

It’s not just plies that you’ll bust out in this all over body workout, you’ll isolate the twitch muscles all over your entire body and learn to contract and control them, the result?  A tighter, toned and more lean body, just like that of a dancer, but you don’t even have to lace up a Bloch pointe shoe.

If you’re brand new to the Barre method then you’ll want to try 1st Barre, pitched at total beginners, the class is slow and targeted and your instructor takes time to ensure that each person is set up correctly before beginning, you’ll find that you’re in a small class with other beginners too so there’s none of that first day at the gym intimidation. Bonus.


So, if you’re enticed, or just intrigued, there’s never been a better time for you to dip your pointed toe in the water, The Barre are offering an Easter weekend discount of 15% off the cost of any class, package or 1:1 class purchased between today and Easter Monday, simply visit the Barre website and use the code BHFlash when prompted.

You can thank me when the shakes have subsided…..

Pixie x

The Barre’s studio can be found at 56 The Close, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3RJ




Charity Barreathon September 26th 2015

On Saturday September 26th at 2pm, a strong team of Barre Enthusiasts (myself included natch.) will assemble at The Barre HQ on The Quayside to take on their toughest challenge yet.  I’m not talking The Joker, I’m not even talking Ultron.  This, guys and gals, is the Ultimate Barreathon.

Masterminded by Barre Addict Charlotte Currie in her quest to raise funds for The Roy Castle Charity Foundation, the Barreathon is a thing of torture.  It requires serious dedication, focus and sheer willpower to get through the literal marathon of sets and reps.  Want to know what it’s all about?  Of course you do…..


The Barre method takes the principles of ballet and strips them back to the base mechanics.  There’s no dance, no floating gracefully though the air and no beautiful looking lifts. No.  This is hardcore, short, controlled isometric movements which push your muscles to the point of exhaustion forcing those tiny accessory muscles to kick in.  It’s not pretty and nor should it be, if you take The Barre you leave looking like you’ve worked out. Hard.

So, why a charity Barreathon?  Well quite simply because it’s hard work.  We want you to sponsor us and we want you to sponsor us good so to make it worth your while and your hard earned cash, we’ve put together the most gruelling schedule of exercises we could dream up and we’re going to nail each and everyone of them as a team.  If you’re familiar with The Barre regime then you’ll know that the ones we’re doing are the most intense ones out there, if you’re not familiar then take a look at this and use your imagination.  There are a LOT of reps in there and we’re going to make every single one count for something because we believe in this amazing cause….


The whole thing will be recorded and stored in a guarded vault somewhere as evidence of our amazing feat (maybe), but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t come along to the studio and get involved.  There will be regular non-torture-tastic classes running throughout the morning and early afternoon as well as a bake sale and I can vouch personally for the quality of our master-bakers.

We’re running an awesome raffle and we’d love for you to help us out by just taking part in this - you may even win a completely aces prize and everyone loves winning right?!  From Barre classes and magnums of Prosecco through to restaurant meals and Neals Yard goodies, local businesses have done us proud and united to offer up some great prizes so please, drop in to see us and please give what you can, if you can.


If you’d like to sponsor #TeamBarre (and you absolutely should) as we undertake our Barreathon, then we have a Just Giving Page set up and at last count we were still a little short of our £500 target so we’d love for you to take the time to get behind this momentous feat for a super worthy cause.

If you can’t make it on the day but are interested, then keep up with our progress on social media, we’ll be posting to Twitter, Instagram and FaceBook throughout the challenge with live #TeamBarre updates.

So, maybe we’ll see you Saturday, I’ll be the one with the pink hair and the game face…..

Pixie x


Barre Birthday Bash

I’ll bet by now you’ve seen the Barre method crop up in more than one glossy mag by now and if you’re not already an addict, you’re probably barre-curious….

let me explain, Barre is far more than a fitness fad.  As exercise crazes come and go, Barre is here to stay and with studios opening all over the UK (we’re late to the table, trust me), if you’re interested in fitness then this is one regime that should be on your radar.  With celebrities from Jourdan Dunn to Kate Middleton dabbling in a spot of Barre, it seems everyone wants a piece of the fitness trend that’s really having a moment.

The Barre is a 60 minute total body workout that shares its DNA with the resistance training found in classical ballet. Stripping back the most effective movements to their base mechanics using short intense targeted movements to push your muscles into a fast burn before lengthening and stretching them out again – you’ll see and feel the results fast: A toned, lean strong body of a dancer without the dance. The Barre’s progressive training and instructors will always challenge you and push you to your edge. - Natalie Catlah, Founder and Primary Instructor.


If, like me, you happen to be in the North East, then you’re in luck!  We have the best dedicated barre fitness studio in the UK right on our doorstep; named simply The Barre Workout, you’ll find this exercise haven at 56 The Close, on the Quayside in Newcastle Upon Tyne offering three levels of Barre classes and several other variations of Barre combined with TRX and cardio sequences for the more advanced.  If you’ve never taken class before, there’s a real treat in store for you this weekend…

To celebrate its birthday, on Saturday July 4th, The barre will throw open its doors to invite existing clients and barre-curious peeps along to participate in free sessions, classes and events.  If you’ve never thought about trying it but I’ve piqued your interest, then there will be New Client Taster Classes running at 1:00pm and 1:45pm - and the best bit?  They’re all free!  Instructors will be on hand to talk through issues, concerns, injuries or just to give you a pep talk over a glass of fizz.

If I haven’t managed to persuade you, then how about this…. the gorgeous weather we’re having is set to turn stormy tomorrow so what better way to spend a rainy day than working your butt off, quite literally?!  There’ll be extra discount on classes with the code: NEW2015 when you book via the studio’s dedicated website too.

So what are you waiting for?  See you at the Barre…

Pixie x