Vancouver Fashion Week

VANCOUVER, BC - SEPTEMBER 23:  A model walks the runway wearing ALEX S. YU at Vancouver Fashion week on September 23, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada.  (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for VFW Management INC)

Key Micro Trends from Vancouver Fashion Week

The 28th consecutive season of outsider Vancouver Fashion Week only just finished and six key trends appeared from what is considered one of the world’s top gateway fashion weeks.

Our very own Monarchs Prince William and Kate Middleton were in the host city during VFW, obvs they didn’t attend the shows, however the FROW was notably  celeb packed, cementing VFW as a fashion fringe event to pay close attention to.


Silver appeared in several collections with Alex S. Yu, Evan Clayton, JKline and Maryam Niyazi all giving SS17 a silver spin on dresses, jackets and separates.


We al know that the 90s were the best era for both fashion and music and that trend shows no sign of abating,  90s rave influenced a handful of collections including Angus Chiang, Balaclava, Lillz Killz and Naovoe. Acid colours, playful shapes and attitude in abundance moved this trend from the fringe to the frow.


Texture clashing was prevalent across multiple designer shows – plastic pailettes, leather, metal, faux fur and cotton was combined, layered, juxtaposed and manipulated to create awesome contemporary looks.  With Alex S. Yu, Clio Page, HUY-HUY and Moon Choi leading the charge.


Simplicity came in the form of purest white – swing dresses, shirts and daywear gave a nod to purity.  With Vestige Story, TKC Design, GH by German Hernandez and Zi Xia leading the pack on all things pure and simple.


Pale pink was elevated from girly to focal and ended up in an array of collections as an accent colour or focal hue. Alogon, INSOMNIA, Angus Chiang and JKline pinked up their palettes to perfection and remember the golden rule, on Wednesdays, we wear pink….


Ruffles, if ever a trend was created with Lawrence llewelyn-Bowen, this is it.  Solid hues, patterns and a deconstructed shirt saw ruffles taking centre stage and not small, understated ruffles, these were super sized and in your face, made to be seen ruffles.   Hannah Vanderveen, Moon Choi, Alex S. Yu and Nuska added one of fashion’s oldest embellishments to their spring/summer collections.

With another Fashion Month over we’ve been moderately treated to a variety of new trends and even in some cases a new way of buying.  With a relatively underwhelming start to show season (mentioning no names NYFW), London came through with the lift we needed.  After Scout, MFW and PFW, Vancouver has given us a whole host of micro trends to play with and I might not even wait until spring to get started…

Pixie xo



Hot Tip - Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week is now globally the fifth largest Fashion Week - right behind Milan - and the Spring/Summer 2016 season will take place from September 28th to October 4th.  VFW will open its doors to designers, media, buyers and agents to explore and discover seven days of ready-to-wear from around the globe.

Supported by the Prime Minister of Canada and the Mayor of Vancouver, Vancouver Fashion Week is widely recognised as a global platform for both established and emerging designers, founded by producer, Jamal Abdourahman in 2001, the principal Canadian Fashion Week is lauded worldwide as the fastest growing Fashion Week and the only industry event that actively seeks to showcase international award-winning talent alongside its homegrown designers and emerging talent.  VFW brings together important partnerships from around the world and its own influential local community, who along with VFW, are committed to fostering the growth of the fashion industry and celebrating the arts - exciting times right?

Sure, commercial Fashion Month is aces.  In fact, twice a year it’s the absolute highlight of my calendar but looking outside of the box at smaller Fashion Weeks is exciting too and this one in particular is growing at a rapid pace.  With SS16 on the horizon there’s a real industry buzz about what to expect from Canada’s homegrown talent this VFW, known as an incubator for international innovation and talent, SS16 will be VFW’s 26th season and they’re some pretty great credentials.


This season, VFW has partnered with The Metro Show, a platform that has over 130 apparel and footwear agencies and retail-related businesses.  (The Metro Show is a Canadian Association of Wholesale Sales Representatives affiliated show)

Known internationally as the ‘Gateway to Global Fashion,’ Vancouver Fashion Week, held in the capital of Canada’s most creative and international province, is a true gateway to Asian markets.  It’s a Fashion Week that gets the buyers in a tizzy and relatively commercially unspoiled, it’s one which allows show-goers to concentrate on the garments.  The platform is charged with supporting innovative, cutting edge talent from around the world and the stage has been shared with some of the heavyweights.  Versace, Anna Sui and Roca Wear have appeared on VFW’s catwalks alongside edited selections of mature to developing designers.

So, if you’re streaming, social media stalking, reading my posts (obvs.) or even lucky enough to be attending Fashion Month, then don’t forget about Vancouver Fashion Week.  it may be small, but it’s definitely mighty and while all eyes will be on Paris and the major players, make sure you check out Persicope for updates on VFW too - you can thank me later….

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